1. Are You Being Called to Ministry?

    You’ve heard it a dozen times or more. You are familiar with the terminology. You know how to talk about it. But how do you really know if entering ministry is your calling? What the Bible Says It is a common enough phrase to say that someone has found his or her calling, but where does that term come from? It comes to us from a variety of places in the Bible, but the most relevant verse is foun…Read More

  2. Gather in His Name: Online Seminary and Fellowship

    There are many excellent reasons to choose to complete your ministry degree online. Online programs such as the ones offered at Colorado Theological Seminary allow for a greater amount of freedom than traditional on-campus programs do. The ability to complete your academic work at a time that’s convenient for your work and family schedule is one of the best advantages of online college programs.…Read More

  3. Take A Leap Of Faith

    Taking a leap of faith is much easier said than done. You want to follow your dreams, take chances, and experience life to the fullest. Taking a leap of faith is just that - taking a leap into the unknown and praying that it will workout. Here are some tips for rationalizing your leap of faith: Listen To Intuition Intuition is a very strong thing, it rarely steers us wrong. In today’s society, w…Read More

  4. Considerations For Online School

    Choosing to go to college is a big step. Being successful in college requires a lot of dedication and self discipline, but being an online student requires even more self control. There are a lot of perks to doing school online. Let’s dive into some of the main advantages of completing your Christian college degree online. One-On-One Interaction When you are learning in a typical university sett…Read More

  5. Tricks to Being Successful in Online Courses

    Online courses can seem a little less serious without the formal setting of a campus and a classroom every single day. However, they are equally as valuable as sitting in a classroom for the course and are very similar in price. If anything, they are a little more difficult because you have to work harder in order to connect with your instructor for guidance and stay focused on self-teaching the m…Read More

  6. Stay Motivated For Your Online Studies

      When it comes to schooling, many students suffer from a lack of motivation from time to time. School can become overwhelming or dull at times, which can make it difficult for students to to stay interested and engaged. To avoid feeling burnt out or overwhelmed with school, try being more social, taking breaks, and setting a realistic schedule with goals. Set a realistic schedule Whether you…Read More

  7. How To Start The Semester Off Right

    Congratulations on deciding to attend an online Christian college. Taking classes online is both convenient and user friendly. This allows you to do your schooling on your own time without having to sacrifice other things in life like work or family events. However, online schooling can also become a challenge because you have to set aside dedicated time to focus on your courses and study up. As w…Read More

  8. Stay Focused While Learning Online

    Being able to communicate through technology has become both a blessing and a curse. The convenience factor of being able to take care of a number of things online has revolutionized the way that we are able to live our day to day lives. You can pay your bills online, keep in touch with friends, and even attend college. Online colleges are perfect for people with busy lifestyles, kids, or jobs. Ge…Read More

  9. Things to Remember While You Are Attending Seminary School

    When the going gets tough remember why you started your Christian theological seminary school journey in the first place. You are there for God’s glory, God’s kingdom, and God’s name. This journey is to strengthen your relationship with God. If you become lost or feel as though you need guidance throughout your education, reach out to your assigned mentor. Feel free to reach out to other rel…Read More

  10. No Matter What Your Educational Goal is, Be Deliberate

    If you have had a chance to read the last blog entry “Choosing College, A Hierarchy” and have had a chance to look over the flow chart, hopefully one of the conclusions you came to was: You have to take ownership of not only your education but your future too. Teaching English at the university level, I have met hundreds of students—all with varied goals and aspirations.  I saw a lot.  I m…Read More