1. Accredited or Not Accredited?

    It is unfortunate, but each year thousands of students fail to ask two crucial questions: is my school accredited and do I need to attend an accredited school to accomplish my future goals and dreams? The repercussions of this failure to examine ones school are not felt until, in many cases, years later. The most emphasized consequence we see occurs when a student needs an accreditation stamp on t…Read More

  2. Education Today Has Changed?

    Education clearly has changed, hasn’t it?  We no longer push our children to select a college or university based upon the exclusive book collections that it houses inside its libraries.  The academy no longer has a stranglehold on textbooks and thus your access to textbooks is not determined by access to a specific academy.  You no longer have to go to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, unless…Read More

  3. Five Success Skills for Independent Study

    Having been a life long learner myself and having co-founded CTS fourteen years ago, I have a few ideas on how to be successful in your online christian college studies and ultimately earn your degree. Alumni, please add to this list since you are the owners of a success story. 1. Do something every day toward your studies, no matter what or for how long. Try to schedule at least 10 minutes. If …Read More

  4. Testimonial by Dr. Michael Dorich, DBS

    I am writing to tell you of my experience at CTS the last several years. I enrolled because I wanted an affordable online christian college degree, and one that I would be challenged with. I enrolled in the Doctor of Biblical Studies and found exactly what I had been seeking. After the initial selection, I was assigned a mentor who was always available if I had a question or difficulty. The Script…Read More