1. The conversation of “brick and mortar” versus online has been going on since at least the 1970’s.  Getting educated through a computer network seemed like a crazy idea.  As crazy as it seemed, many educators and former students felt that online education was a threat to the real education, the kind that can only take place at a “brick and mortar” location.  Many set out to make sure e…Read More

  2. The Accreditation Debate

    The topic of accreditation is a very confusing one. The Department of Education or Education Department (ED) does not itself accredit institutions, per se. However there are approximately forty or so organizations that do that have ties to the Department. Essentially, schools which are accredited are authorized to receive Title IV funding and offer student loans. This is really a big deal. The De…Read More

  3. Colorado Theological Seminary has been supporting the Christian Law Association for a few years now.  They do a great service in using their legal expertise to defend Christians and their constitutional rights.  This article made a particular impact on me since I am a Vietnam veteran.  Dr. Delbert Chapman is Korean War veteran.  We both, as co-founders of the Seminary, feel very strongly about…Read More

  4. Expanding Your Borders – from Christianity Today Online

    I find this to be a good and interesting article.  Fourteen years ago, when Dr. Del Chapman, myself and our wives started Colorado Theological Seminary, the main stream brick and mortar seminaries and bible colleges wanted nothing to do with distance or online learning.  Now of course, online instruction is their cash cow.  It’s funny how things work out. Enjoy the article: Technology has cha…Read More

  5. Considering Distance Learning… From Christianity Today Online

    I came across this article today while looking over the online version of Christianity Today. I thought it relevant and wanted to share it with you.  I have also added my comments.  Let me know what you think or if you happen to have other pertinent questions a prospective student should ask him or herself. Here are eight questions to ask yourself. 1. Do the benefits of distance learning outweig…Read More