In our previous blog we touched on topics that are crucial to evaluated before deciding if you are Christian theological seminary school material, or not. Today, we will be continuing that conversation as we dive deeper into detail about what you will have to face when choosing to head down the road of religious education in order to prepare you for a career in the world of ministry.

You Must Be Both Objective and Sensitive

When deciding to head down the road of ministry, you will be required to play many roles. You will be a friend, a guide, a leader, a mentor, and a student. You have to be able to have an open mind and understand the people that you are helping in order to guide them in the right direction. You will become a source rather than a seeker. You have to be able to listen to those around you and respond as an unbiased party. You will also be forever learning. Sometimes your will learn things that break you down, while other times new knowledge will only confirm and strengthen your beliefs. With that being said, you will have to learn to accept the unknown. It is impossible to know all about everything, only God can do that. As humans we simply don’t have all of the answers. You must be willing to trust in God with the unknown and just believe, even when you don’t or can’t have all of the facts.

The Constant Spotlight

Can you handle constantly being under the close examination of the public eye? When you choose a career in ministry, you are constantly being judged for every move that you make. The people that follow you will want to know that you are living the life that you preach about. You have to be willing to live your life while being constantly watched by your followers.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Religion isn’t always a comfortable topic. It is a very sensitive subject. Proceeding with seminary school will push you in ways that you have never been pushed before. It will both shake and strengthen your faith at times. You have to be open to exploring new ideas about religion, and also become comfortable sharing and discussing those ideas with others.

If after reading about the challenges that accompany seminary school, you feel that you are ready to embark on this journey contact Colorado Christian Theological Seminary School to enroll today!