It can be very difficult to decide what it is that you want to do with the rest of your life. You don’t want to choose the wrong path, but how do you know what the right path is? You have to dig deep. Discover your inner most needs, wants, and desires for your life. Online Christian theological seminary school is a great way to get in touch with your spiritual side. If you think that you would be happy with a career in ministry, Christian counseling, or something similar, Christian theological seminary school online could be the perfect fit! Online programs give you the flexibility to build your own schedule and complete your coursework on your own time, instead of having a precise and set in stone schedule. Here is some food for thought if you are not entirely sure if seminary is the right choice for you:

Do you regularly attend church and enjoy it?

This might seem like an obvious indicator, but going to church regularly is a big part of being successful in seminary school. You want to constantly be speaking with others who share your faith and beliefs for love and support. Your pastor or fellow church goers serve as great resources and mentors throughout your seminary program.

Do you feel as though this is your calling?

Many who attend Christian theological seminary school do it out of emotional pull, rather than a more logical decision making process. If you feel as though you are being “called upon” or drawn towards seminary, it may be a sign from God pushing you in the direction of a life with a more divine purpose. Seminary will allow you to fulfill that calling, and to help guide and enlighten the minds of others.

Are you open to changing?

It is crucial that you are open to bettering yourself spiritually, emotionally, and morally on this journey. You must be willing to self-reflect and dig deep into places that can be very uncomfortable. The purpose of this is to fight your own demons so that you can later help others fight theirs.

Are you open minded?

Seminary is not a good option for someone who is set in their ways. The best way to learn is to discuss and debate with those with similar and different value sets than you. This is a way to further educate yourself while also educating others. It is also possible that your thoughts, roots, and/or foundations will be completely shattered or shaken one or more times during the seminary school process.

Are you up for the academic challenge?

Christian theological seminary school isn’t easy. It is a big commitment that will be filled with a lot of challenges, but also a lot of rewarding moments. There is a lot of material to be covered and absorbed, so the learning process can seem extremely vigorous at times.

Still not entirely sure if the seminary school process is right for you? Check back next week for part two of How To Decide If Christian Theological Seminary Is Right For You to gain more insight, or feel free to contact Colorado Theological Seminary with any questions or concerns.