Are you curious about the Christian faith? Would you like to become a part of it? You don’t need an invitation to become part of a religious journey. You simply need to decide what you believe in and then let others of the same faith help you to reinforce those beliefs.

What is Faith?

Faith is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as the strong belief in the existence of God. Therefore, all you have to do to have faith is believe in God. Believing in God sets the foundation for everything else that will follow in your journey of faith.  Faith is something that once achieved needs to be nurtured to provide the opportunity for growth.

How Can I Tell If I’m Practicing Faith?

Faith is a personal belief, and many times it is the act of accepting and acknowledging God’s existence and presence. It is trusting in the Lord to guide and protect you in your life ventures and travels. You must trust the Lord to help you make decisions, and trust when things go wrong that it is a part of God’s life plan for you. You have to develop a personal relationship with God and trust that relationship throughout the dips and curve balls of your life. Your fate is in the hands of God. Let him take your worries, fears, and pain out of the equation. Let him guide you through blind patches to happiness and safety.

If you are looking for guidance in developing your faith, you may want to look into taking a few courses at a Christian theological seminary school, or look at getting a certification in a Christian career path. To learn more, contact Colorado Christian Theological Seminary today!