As humans we are always growing and evolving. We want to learn more, see more, and be more. That is the exact kind of impact that Christian theological seminary school can have on your life. All programs at the Colorado Theological Seminary School educate students for important roles in the Christian community such as ministry positions like pastors and counselors. The curriculum puts a strong emphasis on learning and understanding the foundational values of the bible so that you may strongly guide others in the right direction when they have questions about how their Christian faith may fit into their life, among other life questions and struggles of our youth. Seminary gives you the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with God and serve Him directly through giving back to the Christian community and guiding those in need. Christian theological seminary school lays the foundation to become an ordained minister, counselor, missions guide, and more. Although you do not have to have a seminary degree in order to serve in the Lord’s house, the education provided through obtaining that degree is priceless and will serve you well for many years to come.  

Many people choose to attend Christian theological seminary school because they feel as though the Holy Spirit is guiding them to do so, others just know that it is their path. Regardless of how or why you decide to attend seminary school, you are sure to leave with a new and enlightened understanding of the Christian faith.