CTS Distinctives

Our objectives at CTS are to insure that you are properly equipped for the mission that the Lord has placed upon you.  We are not merely offering you a piece of paper to place in a nice frame upon your wall, but to make evident to all who come in contact with you that you are indeed a man or woman of letters and conversant in the biblical and theological underpinnings of your chosen field.

Mentor –

To this end, we offer you as part of your tuition and at no additional charge, an assigned mentor who will assist you throughout your program. Your mentor insures that you receive your course material and requirements, grades your papers and assists you with any issues that may arise within the scope of your studies.  Ultimately, you will see him or her as a friend and confidant. Your mentor will earnestly help you succeed in accomplishing your educational goals.

Your mentor is uniquely qualified to assist you as practitioners in their field of expertise. You will find that this particular benefit is truly a great adjunct to your studies and an asset in keeping you motivated and encouraged throughout your period of study.

Enroll at your convenience, study at your own pace – 

Since we cater to the mature Christian, we understand the demands that face you as a you raise your family and go to work. The chances are great that you cannot put your employment on hold and or relocate to start or complete your program. Therefore, you may enroll at your convenience since we do not have specific matriculation dates. Because we know what the above demands can make on the average Christian, you may proceed on your program at your own pace. Every student has their own issues and some progress faster than others. You are not bound by the schedule of others or any cohort requirements.

Payment Plans – 

It is our hope and prayer that you are debt free by the time you complete your program. Most students pay by the course. However, we do offer payment plans that allow you to select an option that work best for you. You will use your credit card to set up the plan and subsequent payments will be deducted monthly. No credit check is necessary.