More than anyone, we understand how all-consuming the desire to serve can be. The passion that is a necessity to a life of ministry is all-encompassing, pushing us to serve in ways we never imagined. If you are considering a life of service, odds are you have investigated various bible colleges or seminary schools to help you on your journey, and that’s fantastic. Be sure to check out Colorado Theological Seminary’s online degree programs, while you’re here! But it is an unfortunate truth that people sometimes do good things for the wrong reasons, and seminary school is no different.

If you are going into ministry or thinking about bible college, keep in mind that there are good reasons why you should pursue a life of service. But there are a few reasons that might need to be reexamined before moving forward.

  • Validation: Some people feel a great need for personal validation in various aspects of life. If the seminary pursuit is based on the need to earn approval or validation, it doesn’t do much to further the kingdom in an effective way.
  • Healing: The idea behind entering ministry is to serve others; if a person seeks to heal from their past hurts by surrounding themselves with “church people” it shows a need for healing, but not a desire to serve.
  • Building a platform: It’s good to have high aspirations! But using ministry as a mere stepping stone to other more high profile occupations is a slippery slope. Sometimes we are blessed with bigger and better things, and that’s okay! But the focus should always be on Christ and on compassion for others, not ladder climbing.

Bible college isn’t for everyone, and neither is ministry. But if you have the passion and if you are ready to grow in your faith, then seminary school might be for you. Contact Colorado Theological Seminary for information, today. Our online degree programs can help you in your journey towards ministry.