Holy Bible Cover

Last time, we examined some of the bad habits and misconceptions that keep people from receiving the full truth of God’s Word in their lives. If you missed it, you can find it here. Today, we are going to conclude our thoughts by examining one of the biggest roadblocks people face when diving into the Bible.

Failing to Understand Genre

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that people face when reading the Bible is that they lack the tools to recognize that the Bible is a text comprised of writings from varying genres. For example, the Song of Solomon is poetry, while much of the New Testament books are epistles, letters written to various churches, all while addressing unique issues faced by each. Failing to differentiate between genres and formats leads to missing out on context and rhetorical devices meant for instruction. Think of it this way: When Jesus spoke in parables, was he describing factual events? No; parables are used to instruct, and there is always a “moral to the story.” In the same way, poetry contains imagery, metaphors, and other devices that aren’t factual, but rather instructive or descriptive. Understanding which genre a passage falls into will help increase understanding as a whole and will provide more opportunities to find truth.

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