Having been a life long learner myself and having co-founded CTS fourteen years ago, I have a few ideas on how to be successful in your online christian college studies and ultimately earn your degree. Alumni, please add to this list since you are the owners of a success story.

1. Do something every day toward your studies, no matter what or for how long. Try to schedule at least 10 minutes. If you will just spend ten minutes reading a page or chapter or answering questions, it will almost certainly turn into 30 minutes or an hour. But at least DO SOMETHING!

2. Early in your program, DON’T BURN YOURSELF OUT. Don’t get so excited that you over read, that is, read more than required. Take the program in stride. If you over do it right out of the chute, you will become over done and give up by the second or third course. Follow your mentor’s advice and the course material guidelines. If you need to write a five page paper, don’t write a ten. If you are supposed to read 350 pages, don’t read 1000. By following the course material requirements and doing SOMETHING each day, you can be confident in reaching your goal in a reasonable length of time and acquiring the knowledge necessary for you to perform your God given goal.

3. Refuse to be influenced by negative sources. I don’t know how many times new students (especially younger ones) sign up with such enthusiasm just of be told by a family member or friend that they made a bad decision for one reason or another.  They then drop out. Probably never to take up education again. If God led you to your studies, follow through. Stick to your own convictions. It will go good for you and good for the Kingdom. The devil will use anyone and anything to keep you from accomplishing your task.

4. Find an accountability partner to share your progress with. Let someone who is interested in your achievement know how you are progressing. It is that extra encouragement and accountability that will help keep you moving forward. Contact that person bi-weekly and let them know how you are doing. Let them know the grade on your last test.  Don’t be afraid to go to The Seminary Club and find someone in your area or someone working toward a similar goal to connect with.

5. Don’t worry! Your program is not really that hard! Just use the ten minute rule. You can write that paper, or read that article. Hundreds upon hundreds of students before you have done it. Don’t let your brain make this hard. Trust me. That monster is only in your head. The devil will give you all kinds of excuses why you are not worthy. Don’t listen to him. You have to know that you can do this. You are worthy. Remember, God will not give you more than you can handle.