Congratulations on deciding to attend an online Christian college. Taking classes online is both convenient and user friendly. This allows you to do your schooling on your own time without having to sacrifice other things in life like work or family events. However, online schooling can also become a challenge because you have to set aside dedicated time to focus on your courses and study up. As with any other schooling, the first week is the simplist. You receive syllabi mapping out all of the  assignments and tests and begin stressing about when you will have time to get it all done. Start each semester off right with these helpful tips:

Get a calendar

Having a single calendar for both your academic and home life will make things a lot easier. Use your calendar to schedule your days and nights strategically to make sure that you don’t overbook your life. Give yourself a designated amount of time each week to focus solely on your Christian online college experience and coursework. It is also a good idea to mark all of the due dates for each course assignment on your calendar to keep those tasks constantly in your mind.

Time management

Keep your schedule light the week before an exam to provide excess study time. Studying for an hour or half hour each evening the week before an exam is much easier than trying to cram the day of.  Make sure to also give yourself the option of using extra time on papers so that you don’t end up racing the clock at the end of the day.  

Schedule down time

Give yourself a break after an assignment is due or a test has been taken. Let your mind relax, and take a break from school for a day or so before jumping back in and learning a new section of curriculum. Planning a fun activity or a day of relaxation will give you something to look forward to after your project or test is finished.