When it comes to schooling, many students suffer from a lack of motivation from time to time. School can become overwhelming or dull at times, which can make it difficult for students to to stay interested and engaged. To avoid feeling burnt out or overwhelmed with school, try being more social, taking breaks, and setting a realistic schedule with goals.

Set a realistic schedule

Whether you are beginning a new program or a new semester, learning about all of the exams and assignments at once can be both exciting and a lot to handle. Tackle your class load strategically by setting individual mini deadlines for yourself to reduce stress and make the amount of work seem more manageable.

Be social

Without the environment of a campus and a classroom to engage you with others, you can feel disconnected at times. Bridge the gap by interacting with teachers and other students in online forums, email, or video conferencing. Build supportive relationships through online interaction to create a similar environment to that of a classroom.

Make applicable connections

Studying can seem tedious and unrewarding at times. Keep your head in the game by relating your current study topic to how you will be applying it in your day to day life in a future career. Don’t let your studies be limited by your virtual classroom. Set up a shadow day with a Christian counselor or minister to get hands on experience that you can connect back to your online college curriculum.  

Revisit goals

When you feel discouraged with your classes, remember why you decided to get your degree in the first place. Why did you decide that online Christian college was the right fit for you and your future career path? Remembering these answers can help to renew your motivation for your schoolwork.