When the going gets tough remember why you started your Christian theological seminary school journey in the first place. You are there for God’s glory, God’s kingdom, and God’s name. This journey is to strengthen your relationship with God. If you become lost or feel as though you need guidance throughout your education, reach out to your assigned mentor. Feel free to reach out to other religious figures in your life as well, like pastors, friends, or family that share similar beliefs. The journey through seminary school is between you and the Lord, that is why we have created a completely online christian college that allows you to further your education and religious relationships on your own time.

Going to seminary school doesn’t automatically make you holy. However, having the opportunity to grow in God’s graces and gain knowledge of the Lord will. Online Christian colleges, like Colorado Theological Seminary School, will enlighten you without the hassle of having to drive to a campus every day. Remember that the Bible isn’t just another textbook. It is the sustained power of the Holy Spirit. It is a reference and guide for daily worship. Keep your intentions fixed on Christ throughout the process. Trust in him to guide you in the right direction for your future. The Holy Spirit is your ultimate teacher, life advocate, and friend, so lean on him when need be. We will provide you with the strength, confidence, and power that you need when the going gets tough.