Woman Stressed Out From Cramming

As students at an online seminary school, there are challenges that you will face when it comes to time management. That is just a fact of being a college student in general. One of the biggest issues faced by students during this time is burnout. Doing too much at once can leave you feeling like an empty husk of your former self. Taking on too much is a sure-fire way to wind up exhausted and unable to do much of anything other than drop dead on the sofa. Part of the reason why this happens to so many college students (and people in general) is part of a growing church phenomenon: The inability to say “No”.

Go, Go, Go!

For whatever reason, there is this idea in the Church that saying “No” shows a lack of some sort. If we opt out of volunteering for this function or that opportunity, somehow that equates to a lack of faith or dedication. After all, if we have enough faith we can do anything! While we can certainly find encouragement in the fact that Jesus has promised to be with us in whatever we do, we still need to realize that there are limits on how much we can handle. Even Jesus sought moments of solitude, finding peace and rejuvenation in the quiet moments. Saying no to certain events or choices doesn’t mean your faith is lacking, it means you have a healthy understanding of how much you can handle.

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Remember the Day of Rest

Keep in mind that God designed a day just for resting. In our modern culture, the importance of the Sabbath has been diminished as more and more people opt to work 40+ hours a week. But He knew that we would need time to rest and recover from the daily grind. If the Creator of the universe made a day just for us to rest, who are we to disregard it?

Learning to balance your work, your education, and your volunteering activities is all a part of the college experience. Fortunately, at Colorado Theological Seminary, we understand that it can be challenging to learn these things on your own. That’s why we assign a personal advisor to each of our students. Partner with us, and let’s walk the path together. Contact our seminary school today to learn more.