a rich, foundational source for sermons and teaching the Word of God

unnamedAs a full time Associate Pastor at a small church in Tampa, FL, a speaker and author, a Chaplain with the Florida Army National Guard and a Chaplain in the USAF Auxiliary/Civil Air Patrol, my plate was pretty full. But I kept getting this pressing on my spirit to complete some additional ministerial studies. I had already completed my graduate work at Rider University years ago, and the thought of now tackling a doctoral program somewhere was mind boggling to say the least. There was no way with my schedule that I could even entertain the thought of an in-residence degree program.

So, as many of you have done, I prayed first then dove in to some online research. I definitely know it was Providential that I found CTS. I looked over the courses and they were just what I was looking for. And, an added benefit…as a Vietnam Veteran, I qualified for the military discount. CTS was the perfect match for an arduous schedule and a desire for a Doctor of Biblical Studies degree.

The courses were excellent, my professor was outstanding in her feedback and mentoring and the overall experience, though challenging was worth every minute. Many a time I had to pull an all-nighter to complete my schoolwork, but that was because of my rigorous schedule. The courses at CTS were designed for such a situation. I could work at my own pace and timeframe and not have to squeeze in weekend or weeknight classes or travel to work study groups etc. Everything you need, from the Amazon bookstore, to help from your prof, to ordering your next course, is all done online. It is affordable and ever so doable for the busy pastor.

It took me a little longer than I thought. Some years I was able to finish a few courses, and others it was only two…but plugging away, little by little, the task was accomplished. I started in 2005, finished in 2010, and I am so grateful to have completed it.

The courses required me to dig into the scriptures and their background research that I never would have done on my own. To this day, they are a rich, foundational source for sermons and teaching the Word of God.

Hopefully, this short testimonial will stir your hearts to respond to that call from God and dig into His Word through the more structured setting CTS has to offer. I am so glad I did…I think you will be too. God is with us.

Dr. Linda J. Pugsley