Christian compassion, human understanding and godly wisdom

6245783We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” I feel that the greatest educational component I gained from studying at Colorado Theological Seminary is “gratitude.” Though I have always considered myself a thankful person, my studies at CTS have helped me to comprehend the value of things I so often take for granted. I want to express my gratitude to CTS, Dr. Gary Tryzbiak, and Dr. Elizabeth Oakley for providing not just an education, but an affordable education. In fact, one entire class at CTS costs less than most seminaries charge for just one credit hour. I thank CTS for providing a curriculum format where I can study one course at a time in order to stay completely focused on the subject matter rather than spread among several topics at the same time. Dr. E. has a profound manner of instruction that encourages the student to stay disciplined and focused while providing direction and guidance with Christian compassion, human understanding and godly wisdom.

Anything worthwhile requires commitment. The CTS curriculum challenges the student to study with a fervent, conscious vigor that produces a deeper understanding of God, the church, and the Bible. The benefit received is a renewed value in persistence, patience, commitment, dedication and hard work.

I am grateful for the ability to study at home at my own personal pace rather than a campus miles away from home. As a husband, dad and grandpa, it is a wonderful blessing to be able to set a textbook and laptop aside for a few minutes when a grandson asks for a few moments to play with “pa-pa.” May God bless and honor the sacrifices of the CTS staff. Thank you for providing Christian students around the world the ability to study and receive the essential components of Biblical wisdom.

Richard Chew, Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.), 2013