Completely turned my life around

unnamedI am writing this letter  of thanks to Dr. Charles Legg, my mentor, Dr. Gary Tryzbiak, President and to the Colorado Theological Seminary. My journey  with you has been truly Holy Spirit led and blessed by God. I started  with the college by completing a certificate course in Biblical Studies. Although a medical doctor practicing Internal Medicine, I found that the course assignments were able to be completed at my own pace, and truly  felt my knowledge of Scripture to be enhanced. I was saddened on completion, since the daily studies had become almost a way of life. My mentor, Dr. Legg, was always an enthusiastic participant in my studies, and in particular, he encouraged my writing. I asked him to prayerfully consider and suggest another  course for me. To my surprise, he recommended a Doctor of Biblical Studies program.
As a medical doctor, and before that, a chiropractic physician, I was rather accustomed to tests but never had I completed a dissertation. I had begun to have a true enjoyment of writing, and each course required both an insight paper preceding it, and then the final paper after the completion of assignments. I felt that Dr. Legg saw something  in me that I did not see in myself. He kept encouraging my writing, and I feel it was truly  with his continued support  and advice, that not only did I complete  the program, but have now become a published  Christian author.
My dissertation was the majority of my book. I expanded it a bit to provide  for more of a general readership, but the book itself transformed me. I had not meant for it to be reflective, but I have learned something  through my study of Scripture to date. God is purposeful  in His direction, and what began as my gift to Him, ended up being His gift to me.
Studying the assignments kept showing me life applications.  As I studied and wrote, my life and spirit were being transformed. When I began the certificate course, I was practicing medicine  in a very affluent area in Orlando near the theme parks. On completion of my dissertation, I realized I was being sculpted for full time medical ministry  in an underserved  area, and in listening to God, my husband and I
sold my practice, our home, and moved to rural western North  Carolina.
So what began with me, as a medical doctor, steeped in structured learning, trying to expand my knowledge of the Bible in a certificate course through  the Colorado Theological Seminary, completely turned  my life around. I now have completed a Doctor of Biblical Studies degree and published  a book, called Kingdom Work: A Guide for Christian Doctors and their Patients. We have moved to a poor community to minister to those with the greatest need. The experiences I have had through my studies at this college have quite literally  changed my entire  life.
Marilyn Lajoie, Doctor of Biblical Studies (DBS), 2014