Has been absolutely amazing

347234My experience at Colorado Theological Seminary (CTS) has been absolutely amazing. There is something to be said for attending a Christian School. I have been fortunate enough to have earned three degrees from Christian Schools including a Doctorate of Education from Liberty University (2013). I have had the privilege and honor to work through two different degrees at CTS; Master of Ministry (2005) and Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Pastoral Counseling (2015). The experiences I had with each of these two programs were distinctly similar. I was blessed to be paired up with wonderful mentors, Dr. Del Chapman and Dr. Carla Letsch. Both of them were always available to answer any questions I might have and were very encouraging throughout the program.

In Virginia, I serve as a Youth Minister at a Baptist Church and am also a High School Principal. The education that I have gained through CTS will not only help me in the future, but helps me instantly when building relationships with members of my Youth Group and their families. With the Clinical Pastoral Counseling program, I have already strengthened my counseling relationships with many of the families that have unfortunately gone through times of crisis and distress. If you are looking for a Christian education that is both affordable and enlightening, then CTS is certainly the place for you. I thank God for Dr. Tryzbiak, Dr. Chapman, and Dr. Letsch. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this school or the individuals that have helped me reach my goals.

In His Love,

William J. Crowder, Jr., Ph.D., Ed.D.