It requires diligence but the work is so rewarding!

Through an Internet search of distance learning, I found CTS and what a blessing it has been. As an older student (very much older), I wanted to challenge myself and improve my Bible knowledge since I am the music minister at my church. It has been a very rewarding experience in that CTS is NOT a diploma mill. It requires diligence but the work is so rewarding! Each course is filled with many salient points and there is always something new to learn. Another plus: the courses did not require the sale of “an arm and two legs” so I was able to pursue and complete both the M. Min and the D. Min degrees without going bankrupt.

I can’t thank my mentor, Dr. Elizabeth Oakley, enough. She was truly a blessing, responded helpfully and thoughtfully to questions, and was an excellent counselor when I was close to a “meltdown” over my dissertation topic.

Well, as you can tell, I’m very satisfied with everything related to CTS and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in further study in God’s Word.

Dr. Linda Duxbury, D.Min.