1. I have learned so much about God’s truth

    For many years I have been reading the Bible, listening to Pastors and Leaders in the church explain the meaning of God’s Word, and in my heart I truly believed, that I knew what Scripture was saying. Also for many years God has been telling me, through His teachings and His children, that He wanted me to “Study His Word and help people” and as the years passed by, and as I played the fool i…Read More

    Scott Lancaster
  2. Colorado Theological Seminary has been a wonderful part of my life

    Colorado Theological Seminary has been a wonderful part of my life and will be an experience that I will never forget. I had been a Youth Minister for 3 years and last year I decided I wanted to take some formal classes to further my education in the ministry. I had been to many seminars and conferences, but had never taken a formal theological class. I didn’t know where to start. I was working …Read More

    B.J. Crowder
  3. please allow me to recommend Colorado Theological Seminary to you

    I spent three years looking for an accredited seminary where I could study on-line, complete a quality post-graduate degree, know in my heart that the effort was a good one, and the result would mean something. I looked through the websites of a number of schools, most of which were quality schools, but my sense was that God was directing me to look further. I prayed for direction and eventually f…Read More

    Rev. Jerry P. Richards, Calvary Family Fellowship Ministries, St. Paul, Alberta, Canada.M
  4. my deepest thanks for providing an opportunity

    To Whom It May Concern; I am a recent graduate of the Master in Ministry course from the Colorado Theological Seminary and wish to convey to you my deepest thanks for providing an opportunity to study, learn, and develop in the understanding of the Bible, Christian doctrine, and homiletics. I found the materials and methods used to present the class curriculum to be very conducive to learning with…Read More

    Richard Shipley Master of Ministry
  5. the hand of God that directed me to CTS

    With all confidence I can say that I know it was the hand of God that directed me to CTS. In the time that it has taken me to work through my degrees I have seen a constant of knowledgeable, respectful, and caring instructors whose earnest support encouraged me to continue and to achieve my goal of attaining a Doctorate. Reaching beyond simply Christian academics on a scholastic level, it has beco…Read More

    Dr. Valerie B.