claColorado Theological Seminary has been supporting the Christian Law Association for a few years now.  They do a great service in using their legal expertise to defend Christians and their constitutional rights.  This article made a particular impact on me since I am a Vietnam veteran.  Dr. Delbert Chapman is Korean War veteran.  We both, as co-founders of the Seminary, feel very strongly about protecting our servicemen and women.  We feel so strongly that we offer them a tuition scholarship discount in addition to our already low rates.

I hope this article brings to light, and reinforces your desires to see that our Christian defenders get the proper treatment they deserve.

“When the attorneys from the Christian Law Association stood with several Christian servicemen several years ago, it was a dynamic trial.  During their lunch break some of America’s finest servicemen were stopping outside a medical clinic in Louisiana to pray for the end of abortion in the United States. When the Christian men were court-martialed, because they were praying in their uniforms, CLA was there to assist them.  One of the men had his uniform hat off and a coat over his uniform but he was also court-martialed.  Yet their conviction to stand and pray to stop the sin of abortion overcame their ambition of careers in the military.

Today there is another vicious attack on believers in uniform. In the past, the military leaders had great respect and showed deference and honor to men of Godly faith. They respected and honored the beliefs of others. Now the pattern seems to be changing consistently toward a more liberal and Godless system.

The situations faced by believers in military uniform are varied and widespread.  Christians in the various military branches are working under duress and great pressure to affirm support of same-sex marriage. Reports are emerging that homosexual commanders and officers are pushing their agenda on those in the military.  Many believers in the military are also being discriminated against and even accused of belonging in a cult due to the Biblical beliefs and convictions they attempt to live by.  Not only are they being told to be silent about their faith, but also to support what the Bible teaches are sins against God.  The threat of court-martial has been brought against those who share their faith and try to win others to Christ in their area of service.  How can this be? Isn’t America supposed to be the country defending the right of religious freedom?

This trend of change across the branches of the military should cause great concern.  Is religious freedom in American being stripped away from these defenders of our freedom?  Why must they fight to protect their own religious freedoms within their own beloved country?  What will the face of our country look like in the coming years if this progresses?

While the winds of change blow across our nation even to the highest ranks, we must be faithful to support and pray for our fellow Christians serving in the military and defending the United States of America.  As fellow believers, we must support those being persecuted for their faith.  What can be done?  How can we do this?

Even now, the legal team at the Christian Law Association is providing support and counsel to many fine Christian men and women serving in our United States military.  Each time you support CLA financially and through your prayers you are enabling us to stand with those who are now facing intimidation and persecution while they serve.  It is our joy and honor to assist these brave heroes who defend our freedoms.  Isn’t it time for us to help them defend their freedom?

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12″

Dr. Gary Tryzbiak