The following was written by one of our graduates and now mentor, Dr. William Hill. Perhaps this will help you in your quest to pursue your God given goals.

Why Choose Colorado Theological Seminary?

1) The curriculum makes sense. All courses support the given degree program. There [are] no superfluous courses that make one think, “Why this course?” and it seems like such a waste of time!

2) The program is very affordable and it is a “pay-as-you-go” situation, where if one does not complete the course for whatever reason, one is not out a lot of money.

3) It is more than what one learns; it is what one becomes as a result of the studies that are the true reward and accomplishment. Some schools offer life-experience credit and while it appears as a short-cut in terms of saving time, the student loses by what he or she does not acquire by engaging the subject matter found in the courses.

4) The requirements are reasonable and there is no language requirement, which helps those not needing it for their religious or spiritual vocation. In any distance-learning program it is not necessary to have a residency stipulation as some schools may require.

5) The staff is available to help by phone or email when the student has a question or needs a little direction with a particular topic. The student is not left entirely on his or her own. The staff cares that you succeed.

6) The student is given responsibility to take part in the management and direction of the course by selecting appropriate books to study. This helps with the motivation a great deal. If you are the kind of person who is mature enough to work and study on one’s own, then The Colorado Theological Seminary is the right place for you!