Colorado Theological Seminary History

Colorado Theological Seminary (CTS) is the culmination About Usof the dreams of two families, Dr. Del and Lena Chapman, and Dr. Gary and Helen Tryzbiak. Dr. Del and Lena Chapman have been pastoring Church of the Cross, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado for about twenty six years. During that time it had been their desire to open a Bible College at the church, which they did in the latter part of 1996. The college was granted approval to operate and issue degrees in the State of Colorado.

At approximately the same time, Dr. Gary and Helen Tryzbiak were completing their work at a seminary in Florida. Their testimony of how they got to the seminary is an amazing story in itself. God directed them for a special purpose. When they graduated, they had the same desire to start a Bible College but wanted to do it online. Both of them were very proficient in the use of the personal computer. They moved to Longmont, Colorado with the thought of beginning there. Dr. Gary and Helen incorporated Colorado Theological Seminary in the State of Colorado, as a not-for-profit corporation in 1999

Church of the Cross had operated the college long enough to graduate the first class of five students and had started the second group. Through the encouragement of Dr. Verda Thompson, a mutual friend, mentor and Christian course developer, Dr. Gary and Helen and Dr. Del and Lena met to discuss possibly joining schools together. They decided to merge organizations to see what God would do. The two families taught in a classroom setting at the church for awhile when it became apparent that God wanted them to expand.

Since that time, Colorado Theological Seminary has become affiliated with the National Christian Counselors Association and offering their online courses. CTS also offers audio courses from the Institute of Theological Studies and is an Affiliate member of The Association for Biblical Higher Education.