Why is distance learning so popular?

Distance learning is popular for many reasons. It is cost effective. Many large companies such as IBM, train employees in this manner to save transportation and scheduling costs. It allows the student to manage his or her own time, since most adult students are working a full time job and raising a family. Industry analysts determined that 1.8 million students were enrolled in online studies in 2007.

Are distance learning programs as good as traditional, on-campus programs?

Studies have shown that distance learning is just as effective as on-campus study. The wear and tear of student travel time can be avoided while studying at our seminary school from home.

Will employers recognize degrees from distance learning seminaries or universities?

Unlike some schools, Colorado Theological Seminary is not a diploma mill. Although we make no claims about employment, and readily acknowledge that degrees earned are for Christian service in the work of the Lord, we have many students who are being reimbursed by their church or religious place of employment.

Can distance learning credits transfer to other colleges?

Acceptance of credits or degrees is an institutional decision. While this decision is often made based upon the accreditation status of a school, this is not always the case. CTS’ reputation for being both theologically and academically solid has been sufficient reason for colleges and seminaries to accept CTS credits or degrees. Liberty University, Phoenix Seminary and Northcentral University are a few accredited schools that have accepted CTS credits or degrees (per CTS graduate testimony.)

Are there any on-campus requirements?

No. Our campus is virtual. All courses can be done at home, at your own pace and on your own schedule. There is no need as well to make any trips to participate in course “intensives” training like many other distance learning bible colleges or seminaries.

Do you hold a graduation exercise on campus?

We have held a few improptu graduations in the past, however, at this time we have elected not to have a published annual graduation execise. This keeps us in concert with the fact that we do not have residency requirements and many of our students could not find the time nor find the funds to attend.

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