Associate of Biblical Studies Degree Program Description

The Associate of Biblical Studies Program (ABS) is designed to provide an introduction to the field of Bible study for the beginning seminary school student. The program is 60 semester hours in length, and provides a Biblical foundation of study for all Christians, and especially for those desiring to better understand Biblical principles.

Each student will be assigned a mentor to help him or her throughout this online Christian college program.

A total of 60 semester hours are required, with a minimum of thirty semester hours from CTS. A 2.5 GPA is required on a scale of 4.0. Each course is worth 3 semester hours. Costs: Tuition: Approx. $5100. Books: As required.

Approx. Total Cost w/o Books: $5100.

CED 111 Life Management God’s Way

This course deals with how to make proper decisions, the management of the soul, spirit, finances, and time. It will help the new student to become centered and focused on spiritual matters. The course includes: Financial Management, Goal Setting, Family Management and Improving Your Personality.

BTH 106 Bible Doctrines

This course is an introduction to all basic biblical doctrines. It will give an overview and discuss the rudimentary doctrines of different denominations. The course will lay the foundation for the student who wishes to study extensive Bible Theology. These doctrines include: The Bible, Repentance, and Benefits of the Cross, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and Praise and Worship.

BNT 100 New Testament Survey (Between the Testaments through the Book of Revelations)

This course gives a survey of the New Testament from the silent years that were between the Testaments, through the Book of Revelation. It gives an overview of each of the New Testament Books highlighting the main topics of each book.

BOT 121 Old Testament Studies I (Pentateuch)

This study is of the first five Books of the Bible, looking at the origin of the earth through the development of humanity, into the nation of Israel. The course includes an introduction to the Old Testament, an overall view of early biblical culture and detailed outlines of each of the five Books of Moses.

BPA 131 Prayer I (Types and Necessity)

This course explores the types of prayer and the necessity of prayer in today’s society. Some of the prayer highlights include: An in-depth definition of prayer, how to approach God in prayer, the different types of prayer, and how to use them successfully. This course will help the believer form a deeper relationship with God by following its examples.

BOT 111 Old Testament Survey I (Introduction through II Samuel)

This is a survey of the Old Testament from Genesis through the Book of II Samuel. It gives information on each book with a limited overall view. This course is excellent for the new Bible student that is unfamiliar with the Old Testament.

BNT 110 Between the Testaments

This course is a study of the background for the New Testament’s Political and Cultural settings, defining how they impacted the New Testament peoples. It details the historical happenings between the Book of Malachi and Matthew. The main topics of the course include: A look at the lives of the twelve Disciples, the six periods of Jewish History, Greek and Roman political backgrounds and a maps and charts section.

BOT 122 Old Testament Survey II (1st Kings through Malachi)

This is a survey of the Old Testament from I Kings through the Book of Malachi. It gives information on each book with a limited overall view. This course, being a continuation of Old Testament Survey I, will complete the overview of all of the Old Testament books.

MIS 111 Introduction to Personal Evangelism

This course is an introductory level course on witnessing and effectively sharing the Gospel. It gives valuable information on how to set up a card system for memorizing Scripture, how and when to witness, the proper way to witness, as well as the Do’s and Don’ts of successful soul winning.

BTH 121 Systematic Theology I

This course begins an introduction to Systematic Theology, starting with Bibliology and Basic Theology. It defines the concept of theology on a basic level and gives an overall view of the nature of God and the works of God. It will discuss the Essence of God and His attributes, The Trinity, Creation and God’s Sovereignty.

BNT 214 New Testament Studies I (The Gospels)

This course is a detailed study of the four Gospels, paying special attention to the style and approach of each writer. It defines the writer’s perspectives and gives some cultural background information. Each of the four Gospels begin with an overall outline and then begins to give topical information as well as introducing key chapters and verses that give the complete thought of each writer.

BNT 215 General Epistles

This course is a basic study of the General Epistles, which includes James, I and II Peter, I, II, III John and Jude. Each book gives a somewhat detailed account of the writer and his intent for writing the book. Each chapter begins with an overview of the book in the form of a survey and then outlines and highlights the progression and order of each book. Finally, the main thrust of each book is discussed.

BOT 232 Old Testament Studies II (Joshua through Esther)

This course is a continuation of Old Testament Studies I. It is a study of the Historical Books of the Old Testament, from the Book of Joshua through Esther. The background and structure of each book is examined. Each book has a detailed outline examining the historical and political activities of the day.

BPA 222 Faith

This course gives a broad look at the development and the need for faith. It gives an in-depth definition of faith and how to appropriate faith in the life of the Believer. Other main topics include: The two sides of faith, the importance of faith, defining true faith and enemies of faith.

BPA 240 Preparation for Ministry I

This course gives comprehensive details on the spirit, function and service of the Armor-bearer, as seen by the biblical perspective of the Old and New Testaments. It also entails the attitudes necessary for true Christian service. Those attitudes include: The Mind of Christ, Singleness of Heart, Functions of the Servant and Becoming Principled People.

BTH 231 Systematic Theology II

This course is a continuation of Systematic Theology I. It is a study of Ecclesiology, Eschatology, Harmartology and Soteriology. Its topics include: Man’s origin, Man’s fall and sin, Christ, his plan and purpose, and angel’s lives, and classifications.

BPA 230 God’s Authority in the Believer

This course focuses on who we are in Christ. It defines our position and responsibility as believers. The main topics of the course includes: The meaning of authority, submitting to authority, exercising God’s authority in the earth, declaring victory with authority and a compiled list of Scriptures on authority.

BPA 260 Awareness of Church Government

This is a study of the various types of Church government, such as the Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Congregational, and Independent. It will discuss these branches of church government in-depth, as well as the offices of Pastor, Elder, and Deacon.

MIS 232 Missions

This course will give an overall definition of Missions and the need for World Wide Missions from the Old Testament and New Testament perspective. It will discuss the Great Commissions, the Post Resurrection Ministry, and the Voyages of Paul.

MIS 240 World Geography for Missions

This course gives an overall look at World Geography and its relationship to the Bible. It will use demographics, and other information, to explain the work of Missions and Missionary leaders throughout the World.

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