1. The schedule is flexible

    The Doctoral  Courses  for Biblical Studies are designed to give a student an excellent overview of Biblical studies. I spent many hours reflecting, repenting, praying, reading, and writing term papers starting with the Fruit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The lectures were very enlightening and challenging, requiring me to cultivate a more mature perspective   of my relationship with God , f…Read More

    Kathleen Martinez, DBS, 2016
  2. Each course is saturated with The Word of God

    I just wanted to let you know that  since I graduated from CTS, I accepted a FT Senior Pastor position and had published my book!  I did a book signing last week and sold out in 35 mins.  PTL!   I'm grateful for my time with CTS.  If you're ever hiring for course writers, mentors or professors..PLEASE let me know!  I would love to give back and serve at the seminary that gave me so much.  I…Read More

    Dr. Joseph Krol, DBS, Senior Pastor, 2016
  3. An excellent learning opportunity

    Colorado Theological Seminary offered me an excellent learning opportunity with quality knowledgeable instructors and thorough course work.  The instructors were consistently responsive and helpful.  For anyone that has a tight demanding schedule and is looking for a quality affordable educational opportunity Colorado Theological Seminary is an outstanding choice.…Read More

    Chaplain, Major Zebulon E. Beck, USAF, D.Min. 2017
  4. CTS has impressed me with the seriousness and profundity of its materials

    In a time and age where information abounds, finding the right arsenal for a specific goal is rather tough. There are so many schools and online programs, besides the whole available information on the web, that is easy for a person to give up even before starting. As for theology, in days where Christianity is so challenged and the truth is so vital, those called for the ministry or simply intere…Read More

    Anderson Rodrigues de Miranda, MA (Liberty University) – Current Doctor of Biblical Studies Student from Brazil
  5. Christian compassion, human understanding and godly wisdom

    We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” I feel that the greatest educational component I gained from studying at Colorado Theological Seminary is “gratitude.” Though I have always considered myself a thankful person, my studies at CTS have helped me to comprehend the value of things I so often take for granted. I want to express my gratitude to CTS, Dr. Ga…Read More

    Richard Chew, Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.), 2013
  6. Has been absolutely amazing

    My experience at Colorado Theological Seminary (CTS) has been absolutely amazing. There is something to be said for attending a Christian School. I have been fortunate enough to have earned three degrees from Christian Schools including a Doctorate of Education from Liberty University (2013). I have had the privilege and honor to work through two different degrees at CTS; Master of Ministry (2005)…Read More

    William J. Crowder, Jr., Ph.D., Ed.D.
  7. Quality education and positive experience

    I am very thankful for the quality education and positive experience that I had as a doctoral student at Colorado Theological Seminary. I first learned of CTS when a colleague and a friend of mine was sharing with me what a wonderful experience he had when he completed his Master’s degree at CTS. He mentioned to me that there were also doctorate programs available in various fields of study. I i…Read More

    Andrea LeShea, Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Pastoral Counseling (Ph.D.), 2014
  8. Completely turned my life around

    I am writing this letter  of thanks to Dr. Charles Legg, my mentor, Dr. Gary Tryzbiak, President and to the Colorado Theological Seminary. My journey  with you has been truly Holy Spirit led and blessed by God. I started  with the college by completing a certificate course in Biblical Studies. Although a medical doctor practicing Internal Medicine, I found that the course assignments were able …Read More

    Marilyn Lajoie, Doctor of Biblical Studies (DBS), 2014
  9. a rich, foundational source for sermons and teaching the Word of God

    As a full time Associate Pastor at a small church in Tampa, FL, a speaker and author, a Chaplain with the Florida Army National Guard and a Chaplain in the USAF Auxiliary/Civil Air Patrol, my plate was pretty full. But I kept getting this pressing on my spirit to complete some additional ministerial studies. I had already completed my graduate work at Rider University years ago, and the thought of…Read More

    Dr. Linda J. Pugsley
  10. Colorado Theological Seminary is a great place to start your journey!

    If caring for others is one of your strengths and you enjoy learning new things, then I want to sincerely encourage you to consider one of the many online degree or certificate programs at Colorado Theological Seminary. If you think you don’t have what it takes to get that degree you’ve always wanted then I hope you’ll think again and check out CTS! Here’s why I did… I believe CTS is a u…Read More

    Leola G. Graduate, Master of Christian Counseling Program