AlumniWe would like to keep in contact with our alumni. The best way for this to happen is for you to keep your Student Profile up to date. This will allow our CTS to keep accurate information on any changes to your name, residence or email changes. Additionally, you should consider joining or keeping your information updated at The Seminary Club. With this alumni facility, you can keep in touch with students, friends of CTS or other alumni with regard to geographic location, degree program, business or other interests.

Should you need a transcript, you may order it here.

As with most 501 (c)(3) tax exempt religious organizations, CTS can always use the gifts of its alumni, students and friends to carry on the struggle against evil by keeping tuition costs low and for the development of technical resources to aid men and women of faith around the world to fight the good fight. Please support your alma mater by donating or pledging a part of your resources. You will receive a tax deductible receipt for your giving. Please feel free to use or secure QGiv application for this effort.

There is another way to give and it is really easy. If you shop at, then you can almost supernaturally support CTS. Whenever you purchase anything at our Online Bookstore, or other affiliates located at the footer of our website, you will actually be making a small donation to CTS just because you made a purchase through our link. Whenever you are going to make that online purchase, please use this CTS Online Bookstore link or the links of other affiliates at the bottom of each page of our website and support CTS!

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