ministryIf you would like to get your certificate in Ministry, the following courses are required:

CED 111 – Life Management, God’s Way

This course deals with how to make proper decisions, the management of the soul, spirit, finances, and time. It will help the new student to become centered and focused on spiritual matters. The course includes: Financial Management, Goal Setting, Family Management and Improving Your Personality.

BTH 106 – Bible Doctrines

This course is an introduction to all basic biblical doctrines. It will give an overview and discuss the rudimentary doctrines of different denominations and it lays the foundation for the student who wishes to study extensive Bible Theology. These doctrines include: The Bible, Repentance, and Benefits of the Cross, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and Praise and Worship.

BOT 130 – OT Men and Women of Faith

This course is a study of the men and women of the Old Testament who were outstanding in their faith. Their lives can be seen as examples for us in our walk as Believers today. Some of the characters included in the commentary are: Adam, Abraham, Moses, Ruth and Esther.

BOT 215 – General Epistles

This course is a basic study of the General Epistles which includes James, I and II Peter, I, II, III John and Jude. Each book gives a somewhat detailed account of the writer and his intent for writing the book. Each chapter begins with an overview of the book in the form of a survey and then outlines and highlights the progression and order of each book. Finally, the main thrust of each book is discussed.

BPA 140 – Preparation for Ministry 1

This course gives comprehensive details on the spirit, function and service of the Armor-bearer as seen by the biblical perspective of the Old and New Testaments. It also entails the attitudes necessary for true Christian service. Those attitudes include: The Mind of Christ, Singleness of Heart, Functions of the Servant and Becoming Principled People.

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