Now is the time to finally fullfill your dream and earn your degree! Using our new Operation Fast-Path methodology, you can finish your degree in half the time. Basically, here is how it works:

As a mature Christian, you have gained an immense amount of knowledge that the educational community should not ignore. The wisdom you have gained over the years should be made available to you in the form of a recognized diploma from a credible, state recognized degree granting institution such as Colorado Theological Seminary. Receiving academic credit for life experience and by examination is not unknown to institutes of higher learning.

CTS would like to see you accelerate your standing in your degree program. As a practical matter, you have learned a lot in your workplace and career choice. The same goes for mission trips, church planting, military service, ministry duties, and other formal and informal studies. Cultural and ethnic experiences often count as well as professional writing, professional certifications and licensing.

Do yourself and the Kingdom justice by exploring the Fast-Path links so that you may aptly and credibly accelerate your journey through your degree program by using the sound and pragmatic experiences that you have already garnered throughout your life time.

Associate Fast-Path

Bachelor Fast-Path