Life-Learning-and-Experience-PortfolioIf you are interested in an Undergraduate Degree Program, then there is the possibility that you may be able to shorten your degree time and subsequent costs by virtue of your past personal and professional experience. You can now automatically download our Life Learning and Experience Portfolio (LLEP). This 32 page portfolio e-template will guide and direct you on how to maximize potential credits toward your degree plan because of your life learning and experience. The cost of the LLEP is $300 (non-refundable) will more than likely prove to be worth the cost and effort in the overall scope of degree completion. Once CTS reviews your LLEP we will contact you with our results. The LLEP may be purchased prior to enrolling, although you may enroll and start your program prior to completing the LLEP. Once the student has been accepted into the program and credit has been established, they will be awarded after the student has paid the requisite tuition costs for those Awarded Credits. The prevailing rates can be viewed here. Remember, the LLEP is only offered for Undergraduate Programs only and is totally voluntary.

Contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the seminary Life, Learning, and Experience Portfolio.