Why does the MA and PhD programs in Clinical Pastoral Counseling look identical?

They are very similar, especially in the first eight courses. That is because these courses are needed for a NCCA license. The PhD will require more APS reports and advanced classes. If a student finishes the MA and wants a PhD, then an individual program would need to be created so that there would be no duplication of course work.

What is an APS Report?

The Arno Profile System is a scientific instrument used to determine a person’s God given temperament. Armed with this information, the Christian counselor can more readily assist the counselee with their issues.

How do I find clients/counselees for my APS reports and case studies?

Most students start off by contacting their friends, relatives or church family. Since this is a learning experience, these individuals will normally take the survey in order to assist the student through their program. Once you have gained confidence in analyzing the reports and sharing that information with the counselee, you will then be surprised to find out that many people will soon be seeking you out. So, getting your surveys and case studies done will not be an issue for you. Remember, you will also be assigned a clinical supervisor within the Christian counseling degree program to assist you in this matter.

Is NCCA licensure the same as state licensure?

No. NCCA licensure requires a church covering and ministerial credentials and is a faith based, temperament oriented approach to counseling. It adheres to the maxim that all counseling is fruitless with out God involved. State licensure utilizes secular therapies focused on humanism, which leaves God out of the counseling sessions.

Do I have to join the NCCA and become licensed in order to graduate with a counseling degree from CTS?

No. Joining the NCCA and becoming licensed by them is an option. It has no bearing on earning your degree. CTS had designed the degree plans to make it easy for students to qualify for NCCA licensure should they desire to obtain it.

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