Master of Ministry Degree Program Description

The Master of Ministry Degree Program (M.Min) is 36 semester hours in length, and provides a Biblical foundation of study for all Christians, especially for those in the pulpit ministry.

Each student will be assigned a mentor to help him or her throughout this online program.

A total of 36 semester hours are required with a minimum of 21 semester hours from CTS. A 3.0 GPA is required on a scale of 4.0. Each course is worth 3 semester hours. A thesis may be substituted with two (2) additional courses.

Costs: Tuition: Approx. $3936.00 Text Books: As required.


GBNT 500 Acts of the Apostles

This course is an In-depth look at the Book of Acts. It outlines the life of each apostle and gives key facts and purposes of the formation of the early church. Other topics in this course include: the three great missions of Paul, and the establishment of church government.

GBNT 540 The Letters of Peter

This course is an examination of the Letters of the Apostle Peter and his concerns about false doctrines. Each of the Peterist books being with a detailed outline and discusses the key chapters and verses that lend to define each of the letters that were given to the young church.

GBOT 521 Tabernacle of Moses

This course is a detailed look at the Tabernacle in the wilderness and it furnishings. It defines many of the Tabernacles symbols and gives the believer a clear look at the Messiah from an Old Testament perspective. The Breast plate is especially discusses in light of prophecy and messianic pictures.

GBNT 506 An In-depth Study of the Book of James

This course is an in-depth look at James, which looks at the use of the tongue and the wisdom of the Old Testament to First Century Believers. The course outlines James verse by verse and gives great perspectives on faith in trials, patience in trials, and being a doer of the word of God.

GBOT 553 A Survey of the History of Israel

This course is a study of Israel, its birth, development into a nation, and subjugation as a nation. It defines God’s Theocratic Rule and Israel under the rule of man. It gives the chronology of the patriarchs and the chronology of Israel in the wilderness. King Saul, King David and King Solomon are discussed at length and the division of Israel into two kingdoms.

GBPA 520 Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

This course outlines the roles and responsibilities in the life of the Believer. It discusses having an effective biblical ministry, prayer partners, altar attendants and the need for security in the churches today. This course will give important tips on how to establish an efficient and prosperous ministry.

GBTH 560 Graduate Hermeneutics

This is an advanced study of Biblical Hermeneutics. It teaches contextual analysis of scripture according to biblical principles. The course specifically deals with preparation for biblical interpretation, Semantics, levels and branches of hermeneutics and systematic hermeneutics.

GBNT 542 Epistles to the Hebrews

This course is an extensive study of the Letter written to the Messianic Jews, demonstrating the pillars of Ancient Judaism, with a comparison to the book of Leviticus. It gives a verse by verse commentary and historical interpretation of the book. Some specific topics discussed in the course are: Revelation of the Son, A Sabbath Rest for God’s People, the High Priest of the New Covenant, and the Hall of Faith.

GMIS 560 Religions of the World

This course is a comprehensive study of world religions, including false cults in comparison to Christianity. It discusses the aspects of secular religions and non-Christian religions. The formation of cults and the occult are discussed in detail, to give the believer information on how to recognize that which strays from the Christian faith.

GCCS 530 Marriage Counseling

This course begins with premarital counseling and continues through problems that exist within marriage, taking a look at biblical marriage models. It will give tips of choosing the right mate, the effects of premarital counseling, marriage problems, and working through marital conflicts.

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