Doctor of Ministry Degree Online Program Description

The Doctor of Ministry Program (D.Min) is 36 semester hours in length and provides a Biblical foundation of study for church leaders and individuals who desire a deeper understanding of God’s Word, and the ability to effectively lead others.

Each student will be assigned a mentor to help him or her throughout this program.

Costs: Tuition: Approx. $4320, Text Books: As required. Dissertation required.

Degree Courses

GBPA 660 Understanding Prayer

This course gives advanced information of the prayer life of the Believer, as well as those specifically called into the ministry. It explains how prayer is pictured and personified for us. It deals with understanding the source of prayer and the purpose of prayer. Intercessory prayer is discussed in detail and the prayer life of Paul is given as an example for us to follow. The course discusses praying in tongues as a form of spiritual warfare.

GADM 651 Building Strong Leaders

This course deals with the need for mature Christians. It discusses the characteristics of true leaders and how to develop that characteristic in the Body of Christ. Some of the topics discussed in this commentary are: Church Discipline, Spiritual Burnout, Biblical Counseling, Stewardship, Tithing, and the Ordained Christian Life.

GBNT 642 Epistles to the Hebrews

This course gives a detailed look at the Book of Hebrews. It begins with a brief outline of the entire book and then gives commentary on the scriptures in Hebrews verse by verse. Some of the main topics in the commentary are: Revelation of the Son, Messiah greater than Moses, Jesus our High Priest, The Old Covenant’s Sanctuary, The Hall of Faith, and Examples of Christ’s Endurance.

GBTH 670 Advanced Hermeneutics

This course is a continuation of the Master’s course, Graduate Hermeneutics. It gives more detail of the art of Exegesis and Hermeneutic methods. The course gives a historical overview of how the Hermeneutic process developed and how the Holy Spirit works and confirms the hermeneutical processes. There is a section on Doctrinal Hermeneutics and lastly, the Principles of Hermeneutics.

GBPA 655 How to Grow in Faith

This course discusses the origin and kinds of faith. It gives a detailed explanation of what faith really is and how to cause faith to grow in the Believer. It discusses myths of faith and what scripture has to say about trials and faith, kinds of faith, hindrances of faith, and the necessity of faith. It gives examples of to walk in faith with God.

GBPA 650 Integrity

This course targets the need for integrity as a Believer. It described the qualities of God that should be found in anyone who feels called into the ministry. Topics included in the course are: Conviction, Falsehoods, Accountability, Integrity of Heart, Character and Family, and Becoming a Person of Discernment.

GCCS 630 Marriage Counseling

This course begins with premarital counseling, and continues through problems that exist within marriage, taking a look at Biblical marriage models. It will give tips of choosing the right mate, the effects of premarital counseling, marriage problems, and working through marital conflicts.

GBPR 671 The Book of Revelation

This course gives a detailed look at the Book of Revelation. It discusses the book chapter by chapter. It gives vital information on the things that were, the things that are and the things that will be hereafter. The commentary discusses: The sealed book, Daniel’s seventieth week, the six trumpets, the vials of wrath, the doom of Babylon and the return of Christ.

GBCU 603 Tithing, Before, During and After the Law

This course gives a true perspective of tithing from an Old Testament perspective. It helps the Believer understand why tithing is still necessary today. It cites the blessings given to those who tithe and put God’s Kingdom first. It makes the distinction between Old Testament Tithing and New Testament Tithing.

GMIS 660 World Religions

This course deals with all the religions of the world and gives a brief description of them and compares them to Christianity. It deals with some of the satanic leaders and how they rose to power in the occult. There are detailed lists of the may sects of religions included in the commentary.

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