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  1. CTS: Our Values

    Taking your education to the next level is always an exciting and challenging decision. Whether you are looking for your masters or higher, pursuing the right direction can be difficult to begin. Our passion at Colorado Theological Seminary is to provide a cost effective and convenient way for you t…Read More

  2. Advantages of Taking Classes Online

    At Colorado Theological Seminary, we understand how hectic life can get, which is why we are proud to offer a wide array of online courses for distance learning. We believe that no one should be denied an education simply because they are unable to fit school into their daily schedule. The courses o…Read More

  3. Handling Stress During the Semester

    Change can be stressful, even if you know the change is for the better. When a new semester begins, a test is right around the corner, or a semester is coming to a close, it is easy to feel the stresses of these changes. Stress can be debilitating in your Christian walk. In the words of the Lord,  Read More

  4. Study Habits of Successful Students

    You may think that some people are just born with a great sense of how to achieve academically, and others will never have it. If you are lumping yourself in the category of “will never have it”, it is time to change your outlook! Great study habits are a skill that can be learned, and with prac…Read More

  5. Unique Ways to Practice Gratitude

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner. You know what that means: It’s that time of year when Americans prepare for turkey, cranberries, and football. You have also probably already seen the #thankful campaigns on Facebook and Twitter where people take the time to be grateful for one thing every d…Read More

  6. Don’t Worry: Verses to Inspire You in this Season

    Fall is a season that is full of wonders. From the richness of the fall foliage to the warmth of cafes and cinnamon, there is no shortage of things to enjoy in the autumn season. But fall can also bring certain challenges. Not just the weather, which, in some parts of the country can be unpredictabl…Read More

  7. Joy Comes in the Morning

    At Colorado Theological Seminary, we understand that the life of college students, even those attending an online Christian college, is filled with challenges. Sometimes the days can seem to drag, each new stress and task weighing on you more and more each day. After a while, it can begin to feel l…Read More

  8. Escape Mid-Semester Stress with These 3 Tips

    It’s midway through the semester. Midterms are just around the corner and you need to study hard to get the grades you know you are capable of. Your work is starting to ramp up as more and more people take to restaurants and shopping excursions while enjoying the crispness of fall in Colorado. If …Read More

  9. Passion Versus Calling

    There is a certain idea within the Christian church about what God’s calling for our lives should look like. Some envision a life of quiet sacrifice, pushing aside all personal desire and passion for the sake of God’s kingdom. Others see a life in which their passions, dreams, and natural talent…Read More

  10. Heart of Service: Washing the Feet of the Apostles

    Have you ever wondered what the significance is behind the act of washing another’s feet? In John 13, we see Jesus washing the feet of the apostles before the Last Supper. What does this act reveal about him? What do the disciples’ reactions tell us? And how are we meant to apply the lessons rev…Read More

  11. Burned Out: Learning to Say No

    As students at an online Christian college, there are challenges that you will face when it comes to time management. That is just a fact of being a college student in general. One of the biggest issues faced by students during this time is the burnout. Doing too much at once can leave you feeling l…Read More

  12. Bad Habits That Keep Us From God’s Truth Part Two

    Last time, we examined some of the bad habits and misconceptions that keep people from receiving the full truth of God’s Word in their lives. If you missed it, you can find it here. Today we are going to conclude our thoughts by examining one of the biggest roadblocks people face when diving into …Read More

  13. Bad Habits That Keep Us From God’s Truth

    The Bible is the Word of God. It is a gift to humanity from the Almighty, the very words and thoughts of our Creator that allow us to know Him and to grow as individuals and believers. But all too often, the Bible becomes something in our lives that it was never intended to be. As students at an onl…Read More

  14. Verse of the Month: Proverbs 31

    As students of a Christian Theological Seminary, you know how important it is to dive into the word of God. Keeping in the spirit of acquiring knowledge, we wanted to take a closer look at Proverbs 31, our verse of the month! More precious than rubies… Probably one of the most quoted and venerated…Read More

  15. Weathering the Political Storm

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months (dare we say years?) it is quite likely that you have been enduring the hurricane that is the current political season. While we have to admit that it is certainly one of the more explosive and, at times, entertaining rides, we also un…Read More

  16. Christian Counseling and Secular Counseling: What’s the Difference?

    There are many ideas and misconceptions surrounding the field of Christian counseling. There is also quite a lot of controversy in the discipline’s past. Debates about the legitimacy of the practice and questions about what truly defines Christian counseling are still common today, even in spite o…Read More

  17. Verse of the Month: Philippians 4:13

    “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13 NIV Welcome back! Once again it is time to dive into the Word of God with our Verse of the Month. Last time, we examined Romans 14:5. If you missed it, you can find it by clicking here. Today, we are going to dig a…Read More

  18. Meet People Where They Live

    Imagine this scene: An old woman sits in a chair by the window in a Senior Living home. She has a warm blanket on her lap, but the cold lingers in her bones. Sparrows dart across the windowpane, and she sees children playing in the park just across the street. A quiet sigh escapes her lips. Oh, Lord…Read More

  19. Chasing the Heart of God

    Chasing the Heart of God: Finding Purpose Through Service As future ministers and counselors in the Christian church, there is no greater goal you can strive for than finding the true heart of God. As humans, we tend to make our own plans, centered on our own hopes and expectations. We were made wit…Read More

  20. Sweet Savings: Online Christian College is Worth the Cost

    If you have made the decision to attend a Christian college, congratulations! You are on your way to personal growth as well as an opportunity to grow in your faith. But the reality of paying for an education at a Christian college can be overwhelming. As private institutions, Christian colleges ten…Read More

  21. More Flies with Honey

    Pursuing a Christian counseling degree? As future church leaders, you are destined to work with people: people of all different colors, creeds, beliefs, backgrounds, the list goes on and on. And the solemn truth of the matter is that when people enter into an equation, things become complex. Just lo…Read More

  22. 3 Habits of Successful Online Seminary Students

    Pursuing a degree online has its advantages and benefits. Being able to work around your family or professional schedule is sometimes the key to being able to pursue an education at all. But it is also true that online degree programs have challenges as well. The good news is that there are many who…Read More

  23. 3 Wrong Reasons to Attend Seminary College

    More than anyone, we understand how all-consuming the desire to serve can be. The passion that is a necessity to a life of ministry is all-encompassing, pushing us to serve in ways we never imagined. If you are considering a life of service, odds are you have investigated various bible colleges or s…Read More

  24. Are You Being Called to Ministry?

    You’ve heard it a dozen times or more. You are familiar with the terminology. You know how to talk about it. But how do you really know if entering ministry is your calling? What the Bible Says It is a common enough phrase to say that someone has found his or her calling, but where does that term …Read More

  25. Colorado Theological Seminary Verse of the Month

    As students of Christian Theological Seminary you know how important it is to dive into the word of God. Keeping in the spirit of acquiring knowledge, we wanted to take a closer look at Romans 14:5, our Verse of the Month! “One person considers one day more sacred than another; another considers e…Read More

  26. Learning to Deal With Prejudice

    Colorado Theological Seminary is proud to offer a variety of programs to help you on your way to becoming a ministry professional. Our curriculum is designed to equip you with the knowledge and biblical principles you’ll need to navigate the world, both as a minister and as a follower of Christ. T…Read More

  27. Gather in His Name: Online Seminary and Fellowship

    There are many excellent reasons to choose to complete your ministry degree online. Online programs such as the ones offered at Colorado Theological Seminary allow for a greater amount of freedom than traditional on-campus programs do. The ability to complete your academic work at a time that’s co…Read More

  28. Shining City on a Hill

    Sometimes the state of our world can feel overwhelming. Turn on the news and you’ll be sure to see any number of stories that can be disheartening, and now more than ever it feels like time is running out. What if something bad happens? What if there is another war? What if, what if, what if… As…Read More

  29. Take A Leap Of Faith

    Taking a leap of faith is much easier said than done. You want to follow your dreams, take chances, and experience life to the fullest. Taking a leap of faith is just that - taking a leap into the unknown and praying that it will workout. Here are some tips for rationalizing your leap of faith: List…Read More

  30. Considerations For Online School

    Choosing to go to college is a big step. Being successful in college requires a lot of dedication and self discipline, but being an online student requires even more self control. There are a lot of perks to doing school online. Let’s dive into some of the main advantages of completing your Christ…Read More

  31. How To Gain Faith

    Are you curious about the Christian faith? Would you like to become a part of it? You don’t need an invitation to become part of a religious journey. You simply need to decide what you believe in and then let others of the same faith help you to reinforce those beliefs. What is Faith? Faith is de…Read More

  32. Looking For a Way to Become Closer To The Lord?

    Life gets busy and our faith can get lost in the chaos. The Lord is always forgiving of us for our temporary abandonment. We ask for forgiveness, and He shall grant it and return to us. Are you finding yourself in a life rut? God is always there for us when we need someone to turn to, someone to lis…Read More

  33. How to Decide If Christian Theological Seminary Is Right For You Continued

    In our previous blog we touched on topics that are crucial to evaluated before deciding if you are Christian theological seminary school material, or not. Today, we will be continuing that conversation as we dive deeper into detail about what you will have to face when choosing to head down the road…Read More

  34. How To Decide If Christian Theological Seminary Is Right For You

      It can be very difficult to decide what it is that you want to do with the rest of your life. You don’t want to choose the wrong path, but how do you know what the right path is? You have to dig deep. Discover your inner most needs, wants, and desires for your life. Online Christian theolog…Read More

  35. Tricks to Being Successful in Online Courses

    Online courses can seem a little less serious without the formal setting of a campus and a classroom every single day. However, they are equally as valuable as sitting in a classroom for the course and are very similar in price. If anything, they are a little more difficult because you have to work …Read More

  36. Stay Motivated For Your Online Studies

      When it comes to schooling, many students suffer from a lack of motivation from time to time. School can become overwhelming or dull at times, which can make it difficult for students to to stay interested and engaged. To avoid feeling burnt out or overwhelmed with school, try being more soci…Read More

  37. How To Start The Semester Off Right

    Congratulations on deciding to attend an online Christian college. Taking classes online is both convenient and user friendly. This allows you to do your schooling on your own time without having to sacrifice other things in life like work or family events. However, online schooling can also become …Read More

  38. Stay Focused While Learning Online

    Being able to communicate through technology has become both a blessing and a curse. The convenience factor of being able to take care of a number of things online has revolutionized the way that we are able to live our day to day lives. You can pay your bills online, keep in touch with friends, and…Read More

  39. Things to Remember While You Are Attending Seminary School

    When the going gets tough remember why you started your Christian theological seminary school journey in the first place. You are there for God’s glory, God’s kingdom, and God’s name. This journey is to strengthen your relationship with God. If you become lost or feel as though you need guidan…Read More

  40. What is Seminary and What is it All About?

    As humans we are always growing and evolving. We want to learn more, see more, and be more. That is the exact kind of impact that Christian theological seminary school can have on your life. All programs at the Colorado Theological Seminary School educate students for important roles in the Christia…Read More

  41. Welcome to Colorado Christian Theological Seminary

    Deciding to go to seminary school can be a big change for you and your family.  Choosing any way to further your education is a big financial and time commitment. It requires discipline and dedication. If you are currently working, are a parent, or are juggling both, online seminary school could be…Read More

  42. No Matter What Your Educational Goal is, Be Deliberate

    If you have had a chance to read the last blog entry “Choosing College, A Hierarchy” and have had a chance to look over the flow chart, hopefully one of the conclusions you came to was: You have to take ownership of not only your education but your future too. Teaching English at the university …Read More

  43. Accredited or Not Accredited?

    It is unfortunate, but each year thousands of students fail to ask two crucial questions: is my school accredited and do I need to attend an accredited school to accomplish my future goals and dreams? The repercussions of this failure to examine ones school are not felt until, in many cases, years l…Read More

  44. The conversation of “brick and mortar” versus online has been going on since at least the 1970’s.  Getting educated through a computer network seemed like a crazy idea.  As crazy as it seemed, many educators and former students felt that online education was a threat to the real education, t…Read More

  45. Education Today Has Changed?

    Education clearly has changed, hasn’t it?  We no longer push our children to select a college or university based upon the exclusive book collections that it houses inside its libraries.  The academy no longer has a stranglehold on textbooks and thus your access to textbooks is not determined by…Read More

  46. The Accreditation Debate

    The topic of accreditation is a very confusing one. The Department of Education or Education Department (ED) does not itself accredit institutions, per se. However there are approximately forty or so organizations that do that have ties to the Department. Essentially, schools which are accredited a…Read More

  47. Colorado Theological Seminary has been supporting the Christian Law Association for a few years now.  They do a great service in using their legal expertise to defend Christians and their constitutional rights.  This article made a particular impact on me since I am a Vietnam veteran.  Dr. Delber…Read More

  48. Expanding Your Borders – from Christianity Today Online

    I find this to be a good and interesting article.  Fourteen years ago, when Dr. Del Chapman, myself and our wives started Colorado Theological Seminary, the main stream brick and mortar seminaries and bible colleges wanted nothing to do with distance or online learning.  Now of course, online inst…Read More

  49. Considering Distance Learning… From Christianity Today Online

    I came across this article today while looking over the online version of Christianity Today. I thought it relevant and wanted to share it with you.  I have also added my comments.  Let me know what you think or if you happen to have other pertinent questions a prospective student should ask him o…Read More