Bachelor of Ministry Degree Program Description

The Bachelor of Ministry Seminary School Program (B.Min) is designed to resume the basics of field ministry for the continuing seminary student. The prospective student must have earned an Associates Degree or equivalent in order to enroll in this program. The program is 60 semester hours in length and provides a Biblical foundation of study for all Christians and especially for those desiring to enter into the pulpit ministry.

Each student will be assigned a online ministry degree mentor to help him or her throughout this program.

Costs: Tuition: Approx. $5700, Text Books: As required.

Approx. Total Cost w/o Books: $5700.

This course is an overview of the Book of Acts. It details its key purpose, subjects and characters. It gives general historical information on the first century and describes the daily lives of the believers in relation to the power of the first century church.

ADM 311 Leadership In Ministry I

This course is an introduction to the necessity and responsibility of ministerial leadership. The topics that are included in this course are: The responsibilities and obstacles of leadership, the basic tenants of leadership, Spiritual vision, Accountability, The proper way to handle church finances, and twenty-first century leaders.

BNT 311 Pauline Epistles I

This course is a detailed study of the Pauline Epistles from the Book of Galatians through II Thessalonians. Each of the six books is outlined and gives detailed social and historical information. It explains the key themes and verses of each book along with dates and key settings.

BNT 321 Romans I

This course is a detailed study of Paul’s letter to the Romans. It includes doctrinal terms, a brief overall introduction to the Book of Romans and an in-depth study of Roman Chapter one through Romans Chapter Eight.

BPA 333 The Nature of Faith

This course teaches about the God-kind of faith and is designed to give the believer tools in which to increase their faith. It explains the victorious life of faith and the measure of faith. It instructs the believer how to overcome defeat, rejoice and rest in God’s promises.

BTH 300 God’s Kingdom Principles

This course gives detailed information on the Sermon on the Mount from the Book of Matthew. It describes Jesus’ objective, the Kingdom of God, the Beatitudes and the twelve Kingdom Principles.

BNT 332 Romans II

This course continues the study of the latter half of the Letter written by Paul to the Church at Rome. It details Chapters nine through sixteen giving commentary of historical and biblical practices of the day along with many definitions of Greek words.

BPA 370 Homiletics

This course gives a comprehensive study on the art and skill of Biblical presentation and sermon building. It describes the need for systematic construction of a sermon, selecting the proper theme, how to classify sermons, defining and improving preaching style.

BTH 341 Spiritual Warfare I

This course gives an overall introduction to the need and art of spiritual warfare. It defines occult words and explains how to identify strongholds and demonic spirits. It gives informative information on how to take control of your own life and use the Word of God to tear down the strongholds in the lives of others.

CED 311 Childhood Christian Education

This course is an introduction to Childhood Christian Education. – It surveys reaching and teaching children in methods they can understand. It discusses special educational needs and how to develop a children’s ministry.

ADM 422 Leadership in Ministry II

This course is a continuation of Leadership in Ministry I. It introduces the concepts of vision empowerment, being a communicator, overcoming conflicts, attributes of leaders, levels of leadership, tests of leadership, and integrity.

BNT 422 Pauline Epistles II

This course is a continuation of Pauline Epistles I. It is a study of I and II Corinthians, I and II Timothy, Titus and Philemon. Each course is outlined and discussed in detail and then compared with the styles of Paul’s other writings.

BNT 430 Hebrews

This course is a study of the Book of Hebrews, looking at the “Hall of Faith” and the role of Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King. It sheds light from a biblical, social and historical background. Some of the main topics of the course are: Revelation of the Son, Messiah greater than Moses, Jesus, our High Priest, and the example of Christ’s endurance.

BPA 460 Ethics and Excellence

This course defines Christian Ethics. It details the concept of conviction and practices, the conscience, and principles of love. It also lists and explains the seven ethical principles that were taught by Paul. It has a study and an analysis of the Sermon on the Mount and discusses the Christian’s relationship to the Law of Moses.

BOT 444 Old Testament IV (Major Prophets)

This course is a study of the Major Prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel and Daniel. Each book is outlined in detail and then discussed. It gives light to each of the prophet’s characteristics and how they complement each other proclaiming the Will of God. Historical data is also given to further shed light on what was happening culturally during that prophet’s reign.

BPA 470 Workings of the Fivefold Ministry

This course is a study of the Five-Fold Ministry. It shows it relevance and its need in today’s society. The major topics of the course are: God’s call on the Christian’s life, Defining the Five-fold ministry, Understanding God’s call, and Excellence.

BOT 455 Old Testament V (Minor Prophets)

This course is a study of the Minor Prophets, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi. There is an introduction that compares the twelve Minor Prophets and their divisions. The course also gives a detailed outline of each prophet.

BTH 420 The Early Church

This course gives a detailed history of the Church from Pentecost to the Fall of Rome. It discusses the expansion of the church and the inception of Gentiles into the covenant. It also discusses the persecutions and the development of doctrine, the rise of sects and heresies and the rise of Monasticism.

BTH 441 Spiritual Warfare II

This course is a continued study of Spiritual Warfare I with a focus on understanding the enemy and his tactics. It also covers the aspects of the power inherent within the New Testament Believer. It details standing in victory, living in the realm of the Spirit and walking in authority.

BTH 460 Biblical Hermeneutics

This course is an introduction interpreting the Bible. It explains the art and methods of biblical interpretation. The topics discussed are: Semantics, systematic hermeneutics, exegesis, Hermeneutic techniques, and principles of Hermeneutic.

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