Doctor of Biblical Studies Degree Online Program Description

The Doctor of Biblical Studies (DBS) program is 36 semester hours in length and provides a Biblical foundation of study for church leaders and individuals who desire a deeper understanding of God’s Word and the ability to effectively lead others.

Each student will be assigned a mentor to help him or her throughout the program.
A total of 36 semester hours are required with a minimum of 21 semester hours from CTS. A 3.0 GPA is required on a scale of 4.0. Each course is worth 3 semester hours.

Costs: Tuition: Approx. $4320, Text Books: As required. Dissertation required.

Degree Courses

GBTH 660 The Fruit and the Gifts of the Spirit

This course deals with characteristics of the Believer that is on his way to maturity. It discusses each of the Fruit of the Spirit and how they should be cultivated and nurtured in the life of the Believer. The second part of the course discusses the Gifts of the Spirit. The commentary discusses the aspect that the gifts are still for Believer’s today. It discusses each gift in detail, and gives information on how to recognize and use those gifting.

GBTH 640 Covenants

This course discusses all of the Old Testament Covenants and how the culminate in the Messianic Covenant and have viable information for us in today’s society. The true biblical definition of the word “covenant” is discussed and how it relates to our modern world today. It also compares the word covenant from both the Old and New Testament perspective.

GBOT 611 Israel’s History

This course gives detailed historical information about Israel’s history, from the conquest of Canaan through the return of the Israeli people from exile. The course highlights each book from Joshua to Esther. Each chapter begins with an outline of Israeli life and then gives commentary on the highlights of the chapter.

GBNT 620 Life of Christ

This course deals specifically with the life of Jesus. It follows his life from birth to his resurrection and ascension. It compares the four gospels in helping the Believer gain a historical as well as a spiritual look at Jesus’ life. Some of the highlights in the course are: His early life, The Temptation, Judea and Galilee, His miracles, Training Disciples and His trials.

GBCU 627 Jewishness of Jesus

This course reveals the characteristics of Jesus in his daily life as a Jew. It introduces some of the prophecies that must be filled by the candidate of Messiah. It gives a historical perspective of the life and times of Jesus explaining what was going on politically during the first century. It discusses Rabbinic Hermeneutics and the Kingdom of God. The latter part of the course gives an overview of the Feasts of the Lord.

GBPR 655 Revelation Encounter

This course gives an overview of the Book of Revelation. It discusses specific pictures and the symbolism of the book. Some of the topics included in the course are: The Seven Letters to the Seven Churches, The Seven Seal, The Two Witnesses, The Woman, Babylon the Great, The Millennium and The New Heaven and The New Earth.

GBCU 685 Messiah and the Feasts of the Lord

This course deals specifically with the Feasts of the Lord and Messiah’s relationship to them. It gives an overall view of the biblical calendar. The pilgrimage feasts are discussed as a unit and then each of the eight festivals are discussed in detail and spiritual symbolism is given for each feast.

GBTH 638 Exposing the Devil’s Lair

This course deals with the occult, and how the Believer should stand against it. It gives insight on warfare and witchcraft. It gives definitions, terminology and symbolism of the occult. The Satanic ritual calendar is discussed and has an informative chapter on the abuses and signs of the occult.

GBNT 645 Epistles of John

This course gives a detailed look at books written by John the Beloved. It sheds light on all major points and gives commentary on each chapter separately. Each book begins will an outline and a short overall survey and then proceeds to give detail spiritual and historical data.

GBNT 610 A Harmony of the Gospels

This course parallels the four gospels and treats them as a whole. It uses the gospels to tell a chronological order in the Life of Jesus. The topics included in this commentary are: Overall contents and introduction, The Preparation of Jesus, The Ministry of Jesus, and the Consummation.