Let’s say that you already have an Associate’s Degree. You would therefore need to take sixty (60) credit hours / twenty (20) courses in order to meet the academic requirements for your Bachelor’s of Ministry (B.Min) or Bachelor’s of Biblical Studies (BBS) degree. These are generally two year seminary school programs. We will allow you to earn up to half of those credits by completing the Life Learning and Experience Portfolio(LLEP), and passing our 500 question Equivalency Examination.

You can earn up to twenty-one (21) credit hours by completing the LLEP, and nine (9) credit hours by passing the Equivalency Exam. You can see that you would only need to take thiry (30) credit hours / ten (10) courses with CTS to earn your degree. This would cut your degree completion time from two to one year.



Scenario #1
Source Cost Credit
Exam $300 9
LLEP $300 21
Transfer N/A 60
CTS 30



You may have earned more credits from another academic institution in addition to your Associate’s Degree. If accepted, they would be reduced from the maximum of 21 credits you could earn from the LLEP. Of course, if you had enough of them, then you may not need to take the Exam. Each student’s situation is different, but you get the idea. The process is designed to save you time and cost taking in as many variables as possible. In this scenario, three (3) courses / nine (9) credits were transferred in.


Source Cost Credit
Exam $300 9
LLEP $300 12
Transfer N/A 9
CTS 30


The Exam and LLEP may be taken prior to enrolling, or taken after enrollment. Once the student has been accepted into the program and credit has been established, they will be awarded after the student has paid the requisite tuition costs for those Awarded Credits. The prevailing rates can be viewed here.

The LLEP can be downloaded from the website. The Exam can be ordered from the Payment Center. It will be forwarded to you by email attachment in PDF format.