Happy StudentColorado Theological Seminary (CTS) understands that not all Christians have the desire to put the time and effort into earning a degree in a Christian discipline. However, many people have advanced the question of having a certificate program available to them where the rigors of degree program study are not involved but where applicable and appreciable effort would be, and resources would be made available to enrich a person’s knowledge in a subject area and where recognition can be attained. CTS has heard these requests and has responded by creating the Personal Enrichment Certificate Program

The program is entirely prepaid by the student. No refund will be made available. An application for enrollment into the seminary is not required and neither is the application fee. Instead, the accompanying application will be needed to manage course matriculation and for the award of the certificate. No academic credit will be granted and a transcript will not be made available. Upon receipt of the application and successful completion of the course, a certificate with CTS seal and Board Member signature will be awarded and mailed to the applicant if they live within the United States of America. Foreign applicants will have a copy of their certificate sent to their email address as an attachment. Interaction with faculty is not available since this is a self directed distance learning environment.

Course Requirements

  1. Read the accompanying Commentary/Study Guide.
  2. Read the required book.
  3. Send in via mail or email the Mid term and Final exams. Only a Pass/Fail grade is given. Once you Pass, you will be awarded your certificate. You will not be given any answers to the questions. Your exams need not be proctored since CTS trusts that you will have been the person who indeed took the exams.

CED 111 – Life Management, God’s Way

This course deals with how to make proper decisions, the management of the soul, spirit, finances, and time. It will help the new student to become centered and focused on spiritual matters. The course includes: Financial Management, Goal Setting, Family Management and Improving Your Personality.

BTH 106 – Bible Doctrines

This course is an introduction to all basic biblical doctrines. It will give an overview and discuss the rudimentary doctrines of different denominations and it lays the foundation for the student who wishes to study extensive Bible Theology. These doctrines include: The Bible, Repentance, and Benefits of the Cross, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and Praise and Worship.

BPA 140 – Preparation for Ministry 1

This course gives comprehensive details on the spirit, function and service of the Armor-bearer as seen by the biblical perspective of the Old and New Testaments. It also entails the attitudes necessary for true Christian service. Those attitudes include: The Mind of Christ, Singleness of Heart, Functions of the Servant and Becoming Principled People.

BPA 250 – Preparation for Ministry 2

This course details the need for the Helps Ministry and the Motivational Gifts within the Church and the overall Body of Christ. The subjects seen in this course include: The ministry of Elijah and Elisha, Working in the Helps Ministry, Having a Vision, The Gift of Serving, The Gift of Teaching, and The Gift of Mercy.

MIS 111 – Introduction to Personal Evangelism

This course is an introductory level course on witnessing and effectively sharing the Gospel. It gives valuable information on how to set up a card system for memorizing Scripture, how and when to witness, the proper way to witness, Do’s and Don’ts of successful soul winning.

The above five Personal Enrichment courses can be ordered from the Shopping Cart. You will be sent a link to download the courses.


The Personal Enrichment courses below can be accessed via our Online Moodle Learning Management System. Courses and descriptions are available going to our Moodle site. To get started, login as a GUEST to get the course details. Below are the courses currently available:

  1. PE 510 – The Life of Moses
  2. PE 520NT – New Testament Survey 3
  3. PE 550 – Reign of Grace
  4. PE 603 – Tithing Before, During and After the Law
  5. PE 610 – A Harmony of the Gospels
  6. PE 611 – Israel’s History
  7. PE 620 – Life of Christ
  8. PE 623 – Counseling for Change
  9. PE 627 – Jewishness of Jesus
  10. PE 629 – Counseling, Psychology and the Christian
  11. PE 630 – Marriage Counseling
  12. PE 638 – Exposing the Devil’s Lair
  13. PE 640 – Covenants
  14. PE 642 – Epistles to the Hebrews
  15. PE 645 – Epistles of John
  16. PE 650 – Integrity
  17. PE 650CC1 – Christian Counseling 1
  18. PE 660CC2 – Christian Counseling 2
  19. PE 651 – Building Strong Leaders
  20. PE 655GF – How to Grow in Faith
  21. PE 660 – The Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit
  22. PE 660WR – World Religions
  23. PE 660U – Understanding Prayer
  24. PE 670 – Advanced Hermeneutics
  25. PE 671 – The Book of Revelation
  26. PE 685 – Messiah and the Feasts of the Lord
  27. PE 692 – Christ Our Healer
  28. PE 520HS – The Holy Spirit