How do I start the matriculation process?

First, you will want to fill out an application . If you prefer, you may mail in an application. You need to pay you application fee of $100 at the time of submittal . This can be submitted from our website as well. Once the application and fee have been received, the Board will review your application. If accepted to CTS, you will receive an email with acceptance information regarding your online seminary school program.

How can I receive a catalog?

You may easily view or download our catalog.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

No. At this time CTS does not offer student loans nor scholarships. We prefer to have students pay by the course. Our tuition is low enough that you should be able to graduate debt free. However, we do offer a monthly payment plans.

Do your classes qualify for GI Bill reimbursement?

We do not qualify for military benefits at this time. However, we do offer a 10% military discount on tuition to current service members and veterans to show our appreciation for the sacrifice they have made for our country.

Is CTS recognized as being accredited by the US Department of Education?

No. There are about 40 accrediting organizations that are recognized by the US Dept. of Education. The requirements for joining one of these are many and varied. The biggest of these are capital, real estate, library and income sources. These are very difficult for smaller and midrange bible colleges and seminaries to meet. In our case, our objective is to make available Christian education affordable and accessible. Many bible colleges and seminaries cannot meet or choose not to meet these requirements. Accreditation is quite a nebulous thing unto itself. Many schools within the same accrediting commission do not allow transfer of credits or degree recognition. It is always up to the receiving school to make that determination. Many schools go to great lengths to tell you why they do not desire accreditation at all. Others say that if you are not accredited by the government then you are a diploma mill. If you are looking for a solid education from a credible school and need to do so without travel and expense, then Colorado Theological Seminary is the place for you.

Why are you an Affliate of The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and are you planning on becoming accredited by them?

The ABHE is one of the 40 or so accrediting agencies recognized by the DOE. As their title displays, they are an accrediting organization with God as the center piece. We chose to align ourselves with ABHE because of their likemindedness and submission to truth above all else, which clearly represents our values and beliefs. Becoming an Affliliate was not an easy process but one well worth doing. They understand and support our teaching methods and vision. We will continue to go to their annual conferences and learn from them and take advantage of expertice with the goal of continual improvement. We do intend to apply for Applicant Status with the ABHE in the future, once some of our other projects have been completed and the economy strengthens. Once in Applicant Status we will have up to four years to gain Candidate Status. Once in this status we would be recognized by the DOE and be able to administer federal loans, etc. The philosophy is that if you make it to this status, you should have no problem becoming fully Accredited. You can remain in Candidate Status for four years before attaining Accredited Status.

Can students and graduates purchase a school ring and regalia?

Yes. CTS offers a fine selection of school rings from Jostens.

How much will it cost to attend CTS?

That will depend on the program you are interested in. But to get an overall view of the program costs, please click on the Degree Programs link.

Do I need to have a Bible background to attend CTS?

No. However we request that you be attending a church in your community.

Can CTS assist me in acquiring ministerial credentials?

Yes. After you have completed a few courses with CTS, we can connect you with a credible organization that can assist you with your licensing, commissioning or ordination.

I am a bit apprehensive about going back to school at my age. Can I do it?

Sure you can! Obviously God has planted this seed within you. You will be assigned a mentor to help you along the way. The course work can be taken in bites and we have the necessary online resources to assist you in your studies. Everyone is a bit anxious when they start. YOU CAN DO IT!

Is there a way I can get a sample of a course?

Yes. You can download a number Test Drive course samples from our website for FREE. This will give you an idea of what our CTS materials are like. Unfortunately, we cannot do this for NCCA nor ITS materials.

Can I get credit for life experience?

Yes, but only at the undergraduate level. You can download our Life Learning and Experience Portfolio (LLEP) from our website for $300. CTS will analyze your documentation and give you credit as appropriate. Just getting several credits will offset this cost. There is a cost of credits brought in for life experience.

How do I get “official” transcripts sent to CTS?

You must request your transcripts from the registrar’s office of each school you have attended. In order for a transcript to be an official copy, it must come in a sealed envelope directly from the school. There is usually a slight charge for this service. Please have the transcripts sent to: Colorado Theological Seminary, Administrative Office, 333 Colony Blvd, #216  The Villages, FL 32162.

Does CTS accept transfer credit?

Yes. We are fairly liberal at the undergraduate level and we can transfer in grades of C or better. At the graduate level the grades must be a B or better and the courses must correlate with the degree you plan to enroll in.

Does CTS have any expectations of their students?

Yes. We expect students to methodically and purposefully proceed with their studies until they graduate. Live a Godly life that would bring honor to themselves, the Lord and CTS. To support CTS with their prayers and with their giving.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.