If you would like to get your certificate in Christian Leadership, the following courses are required:

ADM 311 – Leadership in Ministry 1

This course is an introduction to the necessity and responsibility of ministerial leadership. The topics that are included in this course are: The responsibilities and obstacles of leadership, the basic tenants of leadership, Spiritual vision, Accountability, The proper way to handle church finances, and twenty-first century leaders.

ADM 422 – Leadership in Ministry 2

This course is a continuation of Leadership in Ministry I. It introduces the concepts of vision empowerment, being a communicator, overcoming conflicts, attributes of leaders, levels of leadership, tests of leadership, and integrity.

BPA 460 – Ethics and Excellence

This course defines Christian Ethics. It details the concept of conviction and practices, the conscience, and principles of love. It also lists and explains the seven ethical principles that were taught by Paul. It has a study and an analysis of the Sermon on the Mount and discusses the Christian’s relationship to the Law of Moses.

BPA 470 – Workings of the Five Fold Ministry

This course is a study of the Five-Fold Ministry. It shows it relevance and its need in today’s society. The major topics of the course are: God’s call on the Christian’s life, Defining the Five-fold ministry, Understanding God’s call, and Excellence.

GBPA 520 – Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

This course outlines the roles and responsibilities in the life of the Believer. It discusses having an effective biblical ministry, prayer partners, altar attendants and the need for security in the churches today. This course will give important tips on how to establish an efficient and prosperous ministry.

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