If you would like to get your certificate in Evangelism and Missions, the following courses are required:

MIS 111 – Intro to Personal Evangelism

This course is an introductory level course on witnessing and effectively sharing the Gospel. It gives valuable information on how to set up a card system for memorizing Scripture, how and when to witness, the proper way to witness, Do’s and Don’ts of successful soul winning.

MIS 232 – Missions

This course will give an overall definition of Missions and the need for World Wide Missions from the Old Testament and New Testament perspective. It will discuss the Great Commissions, the Post Resurrection Ministry and the Voyages of Paul.

MIS 240 – World Geography for Missions

This course gives an overall look at World Geography and its relationship to the Bible. It will use demographics and other information to explain the work of Missions and Missionary leaders throughout the World.

MIS 443 – Trends in Missions 1

This course deals with the methods and machinery employed by God for World Harvest. It discusses the need for evangelism and defines the unreached peoples groups within the 10/40 window. It gives informative tips on how to evangelize the nations where Christianity is forbidden to be practiced.

MIS 453 – Trends in Missions 2

This course picks up where Trends in Missions I leave off. It discusses global trends and demographics of countries within the 10/40 window. Other topics that are included in the course are: Major Mega Trends, the rise and influence of Post Modernism, Ten current challenges in Missions, and Contextualization in Missions.

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