If you would like to enroll to complete your Christian Counseling Certificate, this is the current list of courses required to complete the program:

CCS 101 – Christian Counseling 100

This course will give a basic overall view of the need for the Christian Counseling Certificate. It will also familiarize the student with different areas of counseling theories and techniques. Some of the major topics include the Church as a Healing Community, Systems and Social Networks, and Group Counseling.

CCS 211 – Christian Counseling 200

This course is a continuation of Christian Counseling 100. It will give a more in-depth study of what Biblical Counseling actually is and who is qualified to counsel. It will discuss Family Counseling, Singles Counseling, and Financial Counseling.

GCCS 529 – Counseling, Psychology and the Christian

This course reveals that the area of a Believer’s warfare is in the mind. It discusses Man’s triune being, Demonic Activity, and gives seven detailed behavior patterns as seen from an Old Testament perspective. Other sections in the course include: Shaping our Destiny, Spiritual Management, and Managing the Mind.

GCCS 530 – Marriage Counseling

This course begins with premarital counseling and continues through problems that exist within marriage, while also taking a look at Biblical marriage models. It will give tips for choosing the right mate, the effects of premarital counseling, Marriage problems, and working through marital conflicts.

GBTH 692 – Christ Our Healer

This course deals with the healing ministry of Jesus. It explains God’s will for healing today, just as it was His will in ancient times. The subject of faith is also addressed in this commentary. The relation of sickness to sin is discussed in great detail.

We hope you strive to enroll into our Christian Counseling Certification program. If you are unable to physically attend classes, we offer the same certification online, so you never have to give up your passion and true calling.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our certificate program, please feel free to contact us.