biblical studiesIf you would like to get your certificate in Biblical Studies, the following courses are required:

BNT 100 – New Testament Survey

This course gives a survey of the New Testament from the silent years that were between the Testaments through the Book of Revelation. It gives an overview of each of the New Testament Books highlighting the main topics of each book.

BOT 121 – Old Testament Studies 1

A study of the first five Books of the Bible, looking at the origin of the earth through the development of humanity into the nation of Israel. The course includes an introduction to the Old Testament, an overall view of early biblical culture and detailed outlines of each of the five Books of Moses.

BNT 110 – Between the Testaments

This course is a study of the background for the New Testament’s Political and Cultural settings, defining how they impacted the New Testament peoples. It details the historical happenings between the Book of Malachi and Matthew. The main topics of the course include: A look at the lives of the twelve Disciples, the six periods of Jewish History, Greek and Roman political backgrounds and a maps and charts section.

BPR 333 – Bible Prophecy

This course deals with prophecies of the Bible. It defines and outlines Old Testament Prophecies and other prophetic messages. It sheds light on the personalities of the prophets, their lives, and ministries. The course further discusses prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled.

BPA 222 – Faith

This course gives a broad look at the development and the need for faith. It gives an in-depth definition of faith and how to appropriate faith in the life of the Believer. Other main topics include: The two sides of faith, the importance of faith, defining true faith and enemies of faith.

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