theologyIf you would like to get your certificate in Christian Theology, the following courses are required:

BTH 121 – Systematic Theology 1

This course begins an introduction to Systematic Theology, starting with Bibliology and Basic Theology. It defines the concept of theology on a basic level and gives an overall view of the nature of God and the works of God. It will discuss the Essence of God and His attributes, The Trinity, Creation and God’s Sovereignty.

BTH 231 – Systematic Theology 2

This course is a continuation of Systematic Theology I. It is a study of Ecclesiology, Eschatology, Harmartology and Soteriology. Its topics include: Man’s origin, Man’s fall and sin, Christ, his plan and purpose, and angel’s lives and classifications.

BTH 341 – Spiritual Warfare 1

This course gives an overall introduction to the need and art of spiritual warfare. It defines occult words and explains how to identify strongholds and demonic spirits. It gives informative information on how to take control of your own life and use the Word of God to tear down the strongholds in the lives of others.

BTH 343 – Systematic Theology 3

This course deals with Harmartology (Sin), Soteriology (Salvation), and Ecclesiology (The Church), and Eschatology (The End Times). Each subject is discussed in detail giving the Bible Student a well balanced prospective on Bible Theology.

GBTH 640 – Covenants

This course discusses all of the Old Testament Covenants and how the culminate in the Messianic Covenant and have viable information for us in today’s society. The true biblical definition of the word “covenant” is discussed and how it relates to our modern world today. It also compares the word covenant from both the Old and New Testament perspective.

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