Degree and Certificate applicants are responsible for submitting:

This is a 2 Step Process….. 1. Apply and be accepted and 2. Enroll as a student and pay the tuition for your first course.

Apply to Colorado Theological Seminary:

1. Submit the Online Application.

2. The $100 Application Fee (non-refundable).

3. Official transcript(s) from previous institutions must be mailed directly from the school to the Colorado Theological Seminary Registrar at 333 Colony Blvd, #216, The Villages, FL 32162. You may start your program prior to the school receiving the transcripts.

Applicants will be notified of the decision for Admission by email. Upon the Registrar’s receipt of the above documentation 1 and 2, students will be officially notified of acceptance to Colorado Theological Seminary’s program of their choice. Students will be considered Conditional Students until all of their official transcripts have been received by the Registrar.

Colorado Theological Seminary is on a rolling enrollment process. That means that a new student may enroll and start classes anytime during the year.

Applications will be held for three months from the date submitted. Should a student feel the need to delay his/her start, no additional fees will be charged as long as the time frame does not exceed three months.  Exceeding three months from application approval to enrollment will necessitate you re-applying for Admission.

Enroll in your program at Colorado Theological Seminary:

To become an active student, you must enroll in your program and pay the tuition for your first course.

1. Submit your Enrollment Fee (non-refundable). You may pay your Enrollment Fee here.

2. Pay the tuition for your first course (based on your enrollment email).

Upon enrollment, you will be sent an email congratulating you on your enrollment to Colorado Theological Seminary. It will contain the follow-on details you will need such as your Mentor’s name and information, course ordering processes and other applicable enrollment information.

Students may progress in their program at their own pace as long as they are current with their enrollment fee. With the enrollment fee active, the student will be considered a “Student in Good Standing”.  Should the enrollment fee lapse or be discontinued, the student will be considered withdrawn from their program and Colorado Theological Seminary. Re-admission we be considered on an individual basis.